TS3 Legacy: Previously, On…

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So I don’t know if you guys know, but there’s this Legacy challenge with the Sims 3, where you basically have to go through 10 generations of a family without cheats etc. There’s also a version where you roll for what the generation has to do, etc. I’m playing that version with some modifications (I use resetSim a lot thanks to my Sims getting stuck being idiots), and allow myself 1-2 rerolls since some options just bore me.

Some people create blogs about their legacy’s, and Selena linked me to this one, and it is absolutely hysterical. So I was inspired to try my hand at it.

My legacy’s already started though, and so for now…


We start off in the Sunset Valley library, because sim!Me is poor as shit but wants to be a writer or whatever.

Everyone was logical and sat DOWN to read… Except for that one woman up at the top who just HAD to be different. “Psh, sitting down? SHEEPLE.”


Meanwhile, Thalia the cat judges her food. Just like the REAL Thalia, except she’s too OCD to dare actually TOUCH it.


So, going to work as a test subject, and what does sim!Me wear?



A Cinderella gown with Cinderella slippers. SCIENCE.


Meanwhile, this woman clearly decided the library needed more class and dressed like a beautiful faerie princess.


Oh come on, sim!Me. Have a little bit of class and DON’T eat your dinner on the same table that your cat is sleeping on. Have you no shame?


Meanwhile, a zombie tried to sneak through the yard. Effect ruined by her rainbow umbrella.


So sim!Me picked Connor Frio as her sperm donor (she had to be Single w/ Help, so father couldn’t be in the household). After baby Julia was born, Thalia proceeded to trap Connor to be smelly in this chair forever.


I realized Thalia was getting old and adopted a cute male cat to keep her company. They then proceeded to play in the middle of a SNOWY ROAD because that’s intelligent.


Okay, so THESE stupid shits constantly show up. This one pointed at the snowman like “Oh hey! A snowman! The trigger that causes me to arrive and do shit like get in the way of the shower!” Fuck off, gnome.


So each generation of the Legacy challenge I’m doing has a certain goal, and a certain “just for fun”. The “Just for Fun” for the first gen was “My Precious”, which means pick a random thing and have your Sim collect it. No selling, nothing.

I picked animals her cats caught, even if she had duplicates. The bugs, as you can see, began defying physics.


So remember how I mentioned “Single w/ Help”? Yeah, it took me until Julia was a TEEN to get said help. He was supposed to be an Investigator. Here we seem him doing a really bad job at investigating. “I’m totes camouflaged, guys!”

This guy failed at these stakeouts more than any investigator I’ve worked with. Can’t imagine why.


So the generation goal for 1st gen was “5-Star Celebrity”, so sim!Me got invited to a lot of parties, especially by her baby-daddy Connor. Though he usually doesn’t get trapped in wood quicksand at them.


So at this point, I should mention the cat insanity. Thalia and Finster had two kittens, Shadow and Tigger. The game blooped and referred to one of them as female, so I got Elwood… Only to find out that Shadow and Tigger were both males, like Elwood.

But I felt guilty about returning Elwood, so I just got a female, whose name escapes me. Lisa or some shit.

So then Tigger and Lisa-something had a kitten, whose name ALSO escapes me (we had a fuck-ton of cats). Fernando, some F-name. But then since we had Elwood I thought hey, why not get those genes going too, and THEY had a female kitten, whose name is Who-the-FUck knows.

So the household had six to seven cats at once for a VERY long time. They all played with each other but the humans were too busy for them, so it’s like we had a super-friendly feral cat colony at home.

But anyway…


Julia had a nice birthday, though hell if I remember which one this was. Looks like teen.


Unfortunately, then Thalia was taken by the Grim Reaper. Julia used this opportunity to beat him up challenge him to a WATER BALLOON FIGHT WAIT WHAT JULIA? Here Grim mocks her.


Meanwhile, the bug stack continued to break physics. Shit, Julia, grow into an adult so 2nd gen can start!


ghost!Thalia chose to move all but one, which looked hilarious and freaked sim!Me out. You can see two of the cats here. And it looks like Julia’s sleeping with someone so maybe she was an adult now? I got nothin’.

Julia rolled married, 3 kids, “Party to Remember”, and Random Traits.


So this is either the help or Julia’s husband Brett. Whoever he is, he’s WAY too excited about spying on someone’s carpet.


Okay, must be Brett since she’s marrying him. You can spot four of the cats in this photo if you look for them. You can also spot sim!Me hilariously looking in the WRONG DIRECTION at her daughter getting married.


Then our quicksand counter captured a faerie.


So then after getting married, Julia had to go into labour to make the party interesting. Hysterically, pretty much NO ONE cared. Most of the guests eat pancakes while Brett the new husband feeds the damn fish. ONE lone guest flips her shit.

Also you can see three of the cats. One of them wasn’t featured in the last photo.


So a day or two later, sim!Me decided it was a good time to croak. And this paparazzi, not affected at all, photographs the sobbing family. You can see four of the cats here, one of them new from the last photos. Seriously, they took over the house.


This is that kitten all grown up. He is pretty bad-ass looking. This is Fernando-something.


So Julia and Brett decided to get going on that second kid… At which point ghost Grandma shows up, declares that she finds Brett hot, and creepily watching her child and son-in-law WooHoo. Seriously, Grandma?


So Brett had an affair going with Vita Alto before he married Julia, so I let it keep going for the lulz. She invited him on a date and I was all “Hell yes, let’s do thi–”

THen they both pulled out books, merged them into one, and stood there like this. Hot date, guys. Really.


So time passed, and Annette was born, and Daniel (the kid born during the wedding) grew into a teen. He decided to gossip with the paparazzi in between challenging the Cow Plant to kill him. It’s at that point that we learn that Annette has the skill “Placeholder” — also known as “Blocks”. Scandalous!


Daniel spends too long at a friend’s house and is picked up by the police. The officer spends some time flipping his SHIT over the hail.


So time passed, Annette became a teen and Abraham was born and a toddler, and I realized that with 5 cats and 5 humans (Shadow croaked and Abraham was born, so they finally became even), they needed a bigger house. I bought them a cute cottage–

That came with a bear-dog. Seriously, this stray dog followed the family due to the new house, despite NEVER appearing on the old lot, proceeded to walk into the house, and then jumped up on the loveseat and fell asleep.


And he didn’t leave! A good ol’ bug seemed to make him think that this was his home lot and that he actually wasn’t inside. Here he chows down on the cat’s food.

Julia loved him, at least. Too bad we had no room to adopt him.


Meanwhile, Abraham pulled some fancy tricks while using the potty chair. Quicksand potty?


So the cats tend to run off the lot when playing, but they kept not coming back, and furthermore would report that they were sleeping on random counters and shit. I finally checked on them… And the house is next door to the fire department. My cats were living in the fire department.


And then ANOTHER stray dog showed up!


Seriously, he waltzed in like he owned the place. He was truly gorgeous so I wanted him to stay around and be adopted, but he vanished without a trace when the babysitter for Abraham arrived.


Somehow this made Stray Dog realize that this wasn’t ACTUALLY an outdoor lot, and he got really fucking confused for a while. I finally had to use moveObjects. This happened one or two times more. I also had one where I had to invite him inside when he was already inside. ANd another time Julia got stuck holding him so I had to reset her.


So at this point, Shadow the cat was living beyond limits anyone could dream of. Here, he outlives Brett, at roughly 60-ish days old (so basically 60 years, so basically OVER 9000 in cat years).


Then ANOTHER Stray Dog showed up! What in the world is up with this lot?! I think this one figured it out and went home, instead of getting stuck or vanishing like the other two.

Around this time I got a call that Stray Dog was getting old and wouldn’t be around much longer, and that we should pay him a visit. Wish I had thought to get a screenshot of that.


Meanwhile, Shadow outlived Elwood, a cat 10-20 days his junior. Shadow was around 67 at this point.


And then during last night’s game, he FINALLY DIED. He was 69 days I think. Also that’s Mortimer Goth with the weird jacket and the faerie wings. He looks unimpressed.


With the house finally free, I adopted a black and white cat for Fernando, and a pinto horse for Annette. Because you gotta colour code your pets with the Cow Plant.

And that’s where we stand right now! Gen 3 will be ready to roll soon, so hopefully I can track them more carefully. And hopefully the stray dogs will STOP SHOWING UP. Or at least let me adopt them.


TS3 Legacy: Previously, On…

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