TS3 Legacy: Birthdays & Glitches

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Welcome back to the third installment of my Sims 3 Legacy! We’re quite behind at this point — when we last left off, 4th gen heir Edith had just become a teen. In the actual game, she’s now an elder and the 5th gen has started. So let’s dive in, shall we?

When we last left this family, Edith had just become a teenager while her mother was being slapped around by clients.

We come back to the bird dying, and Annette and Daniel being truly heartbroken.

And the next morning, across town, this FREAKED ME OUT. Turns out it’s the weather stone. I r gud at simz.

Things are normal at the legacy household, though, with the stove spontaneously combusting. Again.

Edith is a brave sim, so she was on the fire instantly. Annette, on the other hand, seemed to find the thing incredibly boring. “Sigh… I wish I could be outside.” Woman, YOUR STOVE IS ON FIRE.

While Edith is saving her stupid family, the newspaper girl apparently has a death wish. I think we need to call social services, guys. This can’t be healthy.

So we held a party for some reason, I can’t remember what right now — it may have been the holidays and my Sims always like to party it up around that time. So Daniel’s getting some action as usual when:


And don’t give Daniel that look. You could have some of that too if you wanted!

Moving on…

Edith! What are you doing drinking booze while staring at the scarecrow?

“You’re the only one that gets me, strawman.”

At least I knew where Edith was, though. I took this because according to my game? Kristina was here. Out in the woods. Heading toward the end of the map. I was laughing a lot at this moment, but then I realized it wouldn’t fix itself so I sent her back home.

She manages to find her way out of the woods without being eaten by the wild horses or whatever and… EDITH! Step away from the booze! You’ve been drinking all night!

Notice how Kristina doesn’t even care. Good parenting, Kristina.

As I recall, Sims 3 considers this a masterpiece. Deep, sims. Deep.

So at some point the Cow Plant ate the paparazzi or a party guest or whatever. What I love here, though, is how Annette walks right by Grim and the dead Sim without any sort of care. “Same shit, different day.”

Then Grim introduces himself to Patches. He’s got a few more days, Grim. Step away from the cat. And Patches, don’t EAT Grim.

THe next morning, I send Annette to the spring festival to collect eggs or whatever. Unfortunately, she was immensely bad at it.

“Where are these eggs? I don’t see anything? Did something just bump my foot? I DON’T SEE IT!”


Then that night, it’s her birthday!

In a client’s house.

At their bar, where she was going to make a drink. On the job.

The sparklies come out, and how does she age–

Into another “masterpiece” painting. Really da Vinci right there, Sims.

So the next morning, Daniel and Oriole are having a nice heart-to-heart. I think.

“So this one time I found a guy cheating on me, and I punched his lights straight out. Don’t make me do that to you.”

“Honey, I own a cow plant. And it’s hungry.”

But not as hungry as the foundation, which ate Chardonnay.

So finding Oriole was a pain in the ASS, so I finally sent Daniel down to her house. Unfortunately, Chuck Hobble her husband was also there. I got them to sneak upstairs just fine, and they began their WooHoo… And if I recall, Chuck then just HAD to waltz in.

He was understandably pissed, but what cracks me up is Daniel in the background strutting his stuff.

And so, because I’m a homewrecker, I had Daniel and Oriole go at it AGAIN, I think because I didn’t hear the lullaby from the first time. That and I found it funny.

So there Chuck went again… Ignore Daniel, I don’t know why he’s making that face.

I zoomed in on the fight because Oriole didn’t exactly look… Remorseful.


OUCH, woman! That’s cold. That’s a “I really don’t give a fuck what you think about this” face right there. No regrets, no remorse, no empathy. I was cracking up.

You don’t say, StoryProgression.

(Yes, my hands shake horribly.)

But don’t worry, Chuck moved on…

To another one of Daniel’s flings. He really knows how to pick ’em.

Um, Daniel, are you going to strut all the way home, because driving would be a bit faster and a LOT less conspicuous.

So Daniel eventually made it home without starving. The next morning, it was off to a park or graveyard to give vaccinations…

At which point people just got stuck in the foliage and complained. Is the vaccine for stupid, Daniel?

While the stupidity is drawn together, Daniel catches up a bit with the other bird sister, who you may recall accused him of cheating. Those wounds were beginning to heal and they were starting to recover a bit.

Also one of the cats died. I can’t remember which one. Think it was Patches.

So we adopted this cat, Jubel! Another bobtail, because my game is infected with them.

The next morning I noticed fleas bobbing around and spotted a stray cat. Immediately I sent Edith to say hello to it, so I could befriend it to give it a flea bath and also hopefully adopt it. I have the WORST luck adopting strays in this game — they come by the house once every blue moon then vanish.

Kristina, meanwhile, dealt with the death of another cat the only way she knew how: looking out the window and brooding.

But enough sobbing; it’s time for a party again! That we started off by one of the guests being eaten by the cow plant. Figures.

Oriole, with her maternity wear (yes, Daniel was successful), praises the cow plant for eating someone…

… As did her sister.



It’s Edith’s birthday! Celebrated with cakes and pies and cobblers and murder!

And how did she grow?

Into something this stray dog liked.

Wait what.

Then the gnomes tried to surround the plants. Wait what.

ANd there’s Edith! I had to change her hairstyle to this and also changed all of her clothing, because it just didn’t suit her. As the 4th generation, her goals were single, two children, Journalism, Property Mogul, and Half-Siblings.

How did Annette do? Well, but she didn’t hit “Perfect Careers”, at least partially because ghost hunting is so buggy:

Such as here, where she was offered to pay the city for her “pension”. I just had her quit.

(I think that’s Oriole bringing home Daniel’s baby in the background)

So I redo Edith’s outfits and–

EDITH. That CANNOT be comfortable.

Those are her pajamas. Complete with severe chafing after that ride. Jeez.

Apparently you can find random shit among the Plains’ swamps.

So Edith was still shit at skilling, as demonstrated by her electrocuting herself and setting the DISHWASHER on fire when she tried to fix it. Good thing she’s a brave Sim.

Also inserting this warning early. There’s some bizarre nudity coming up. Ken Doll nudity, because my game decided no pixelation needed. We’ve got three photos to go.

On that note:

Sebastian, like many of his ancestors, wants FREEEEEDOOOOOOM.

Daniel would mostly like to stop being stalked by horse gnomes, thanks. Hard to concentrate on weeding when beady little eyes stare at you. *shudder*

At this point, Selena asked for Chardonnay to be uploaded to the Exchange, so I went in and gave her a pretty blue-starred saddle to match her, and then…


Trust me, I spared you guys by having Edith (we’ll get to HER in a moment) partially blurring him. No blur. Ken doll genitals. Me staring in abject horror.

Kristina, shouldn’t you be concerned about the naked family members just HANGING OUT?

“Nope, hungry, gotta eat.”

Edith, why? Is this No Clothes Day?

Oh god, and now the floor swallowed Daniel!

So at this point I either quit the game or it crashed, but oh god… Either way, the damage to that save was pretty fucking complete. I finally had to remove the caches, put the caches BACK in, and restore a backup before my legacy game would load again. One of the many nails in the coffin of me using StoryProgression, but anyway.

Once restored, we return…

To Annette checking out Cookie’s butt.

Really, Annette.


So for some stupid reason, the lot they live on in the plains isn’t suitable for grazing. So I gave Cookie atomic grazing, but instead of the dried grass, she goes for the tarmac. Okay then.

Kristina, meanwhile, has gotten much better at painting, and developed this cool block style.

Daniel… Still being Daniel. I finally figured out a cat shredded that chair. They were pissy about it for ages.

No seriously. Someone needs to call a social worker.

So now that Edith was an adult, I sent her down to the fall festival to look for some sperm donors for her first child. But I took this photo MAINLY because I would buy the SHIT out of those dino pillows. Seriously.

The Haunting House would be scarier if it weren’t for the bright purple highlights. Ooooooh, spooky.

And who did we spot but Oriole, with Daniel’s bastard child! She’s a cute thing. Not sure where the black hair came from.

This woman looks like her face was ripped out, but no, she just participated in a pie contest and sobbed over haunted house graves. Apparently NPCs get confused and consider them REAL graves sometimes.

But she recovered enough to wash her face and join us for apple bobbing. Edith is READY for this.

Across the way, Daniel was catching up with Oriole. SHe was pissy at him for a while, I think. Probably caught him cheating, because she’s totally innocent.

Then the other Bird sister had to double over. Dammit, woman, I’m trying to get Daniel friendly with Oriole again! He was able to be nice to YOU!

Reluctantly I send Daniel over, while some lookie-loos (including grave sobber) look on.

“I was hit by nuclear fallout…”

“Was it caused by her?”

“I need to pee, see you guys.”


Sims are weird.

Back at home, we make Kristina do household chores.

After all, Annette is too busy riding around on a horse. She won’t even answer her phone.

At first when I saw this, I thought the HORSE was ringing. I so smart.

Annette can rest easy, though. There’s an invisible ghost hunter that has taken over for her.

We still need to worry about the stalker paparazzi, though. This one sat her ass down and began playing with the dollhouse… While Edith was sleeping in the same room.


LOOK AT HER. You can kind of see the spots on Chardonnay, but I bred her with a white stallion and OUT CAME ANITA THE GIRAFFE HORSE.

Um, Annette, it’s like 3AM, let the horses sleep.

As for Daniel, he’s still spending his days like this.

But at this point, I knew I needed to prod Edith. She wasn’t skilling well, and didn’t have her journalism career since I had wanted to send her to college, but she had no scholarships. So here, I have her do the final aptitude test.

But what happens? Does she go to college? Does the cow plant eat her? Will that newspaper girl finally get the help she needs?

Find out next time!

And now we’re onto Generation 4, and thus only one generation behind instead of 1.5 or whatever. I’ll try to get the next chapters up a bit more quickly, so stay tuned.


TS3 Legacy: Birthdays & Glitches

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