TS3 Legacy: From Sunset to Horses

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Welcome to the third installment in my Sims 3 Legacy!

The last time we were here, my family had just gotten back from Egypt, which was a pile of laughs. It’s been a WHILE since then, so I don’t have much more a preamble. Let’s just get to it!

So the family gets home to their 5000 cats and just as many ghosts. One of them hanging around was Brett (think that’s his name). Daniel walked over to socialize…


And THIS happened. Daniel asked how he had died, and got the SHIT slapped out of him. I have never seen that interaction from the question before; usually ghosts answer no problem. You just died from old age, Brett. Don’t be crotchety.


Meanwhile, Ferdinand struggles with the concept of eating out of a bowl. You put your face in it, not your body, cat.

So time passed, which strange things happening as always:


Three paparazzi/zombies trying to get in, two ghosts, no clue what’s going on… Typical night for these guys.

So Julia’s LTW was to be a chess master, and she was doing pretty solidly thanks to the Genius trait. And then one night…


Really, Julia?! I don’t blame the werewolf there for being sad; she came over for chess, not a funeral!

With that, Annette was the ruler of the house.


Her first order of business was to invite her girlfriend to move in.


Kristen Heath’s first order of business was to propose. I LOVE her outfit — so sensual! Also love how she’s squinting like the ring blinded her.


Daniel was visiting one of his children, but it wasn’t going so well.

“You’re a DOCTOR? I don’t believe it. You look like a homeless freak.”


“Give me a break, kid, my mother just died.”

Kid doesn’t seem to be buying it.


But it’s true! The next day Daniel went to vaccinate peo– Wait a minute.


Why is he stabbing people with giant needles WHILE ICE SKATING?

I just stared at this, and if I recall someone got stuck eventually. The great part is this happened a few more times. Apparently vaccinating people while ice skating is a common thing in the Sims world.


Around this time, Abraham grew into a young adult. I took this opportunity for him to move out with one of the 5000 cats… Fuzzball, I think? Can’t remember. In any case, bye, Abraham!


So the spring thaw arrived, and Cookie the Asshole Horse went straight for the garden. Don’t you dare, horse.


I had to take a picture of this, because it was cracking me up. I think when most people see that many cat graves, they call the police.

So at this point I should recap the third generation’s goals. They need to be a couple (check) with one child. Annette has to be a ghost hunter (check) while Kristen needs to be a dumpster diver. They need to have perfect careers (how you be a perfect dumpster diver, I’m not sure).

I was struggling with the dumpster diver part. Kristen found meager pickings, and tended to pick up a lot of scrap. So I decided she’d be an inventor, but could only get her scrap through trash cans. So off to the inventor’s bench with her…


Some days went better than others.


It should be mentioned that Cookie was bred to a blue stallion, producing this cute foal named Chardonnay. She has the weirdest markings.


Kristen, hard at work.


And then, it came. Not, not Daniel dying; Ferdinand the Badass Cat šŸ˜¦


So Grim reaps Ferdinand… ANd then asks for Daniel’s autograph. Grim, dude, you’re going to be taking his soul one day. What do you need a measly signature for?


“Hur DURRRR how do I move around sleeping guy HRRR”

Dammit, Cookie.


Remember that stray dog? He ran by again.


“God, I can’t believe Ferdinand is gone. How will we go on?”

You like their tiny-ass kitchen? What it lacks in space it makes up for in STYLE.


“Well it’s… Not a cat, but I guess… Close enough?”

And there’s our one child! Meet Edith. Because I shouldn’t be allowed to name things.

I love the medal hanging on the window.


Daniel was trying to visit a to-be child of his, but it didn’t go so well. Kim (think that was her name) had found out about his OTHER ladies.


“Don’t you tell ME to fucking calm down! I’m pregnant with your kid and you’re already fucking other women?!”

She’s got a point, Daniel.


You know what, Cookie, that’s close enough to inside your stall.


“I hate cats.”

“So do I. I hate cats.”

Typical cat conversation, I imagine. This would be Patches and Thalia.


So Daniel gets invited on a lot of dates, and I accept them all because Daniel. But this one… She brought them to the junkyard. And threw a water balloon at him. Kind of wonder if she was just trolling him.

So it’s been a while, but I think I was making dinner or something like that while letting my game run. I was focused on another Sim when I came back to the game focused on the Cow Plant. I figured it was the paparazzi or something.

But then I realized… I hadn’t checked on a particular Sim in a while…


No, Kristen!



She didn’t even beg. Just shook Grim’s hand like “Yeah, I fucked that one up.”


Hysterically, Grim then scolded the Cow Plant for eating her. Come on, Grim, it gives you business!

But this couldn’t do. I couldn’t have Kristen dead so early into the third generation. Edith was barely a toddler or so! But there’s one advantage to playing an old line, and that’s… Opportunities.


And so back came Kristen, thanks to the science facility! She immediately went to contemplating chicken vs. egg. That’s our Kristen ā¤


The cats, of course, were being assholes. This one is Sebastian.

The next day, Kristen and Annette got a chance to talk…


“Look, Annette, I’m not sure we can stay married. I’m DEAD.”

Oh don’t be a killjoy, Kristen. They got remarried just fine.

I had other problems, though. Sim neighborhoods get very buggy the bigger the generations; you’d think EA games would make them more stable, but not so much. I can handle most bugs, but in this case a lot of things were hit, including Ghost Hunter. Annette couldn’t complete cases; no matter if she expelled the ghosts. It wouldn’t recognize it.

You can’t have a perfect career if it won’t let you HAVE the career. And so I packed up the family and moved them to… Appaloosa Plains.


Annette celebrated by melding into Cookie. I guess she wanted to let me know that no matter where I moved, I couldn’t escape the position issues. All good; they make me laugh.


I had Annette take Chardonnay out on a ride and they found… Um… This Sim.

We’re in a different world, guys.


Despite what the cats phasing through clocks may tell you.

The next day, I let people go out on the town.


You can see my genes in Annette. You can see volleyballs in the OTHER Sim. Jeez.


The horses continued to be idiots.


So Kristen wanted to get a tattoo. I sent her down to McBoobson, who was the tattoo artist.

“Hello miss, is it possible for me to get a tattoo? I mean, I know I’m dead and don’t have SKIN exactly…”


“I don’t know, hon. I’ve never tattooed ectoplasm before, but let’s give it a chance.”


“Um… Is this… Safe?”

“Sure thing. You’re already dead anyway.”

I was VERY confused when that machine thing showed up. For the record, it was hard giving her a tattoo since she was dead, but I managed.


I should mention that Edith is a child by now. She’s extraordinarily boring.

You know who isn’t boring?


Daniel! He got invited to a party, so I sent him down. Little did I know the party was in the barn.


So I sent Daniel to flirt with the host, because of course I did, and THIS asshole shows up. First he screams at her…


Then he SLAPS her. Oh hell no, son.


I send Daniel straight after him. As you can see from this photo, he was all act with nothing to back it up. Daniel the Doctor kicked his ass, if I recall.


And so later, he pretends he never cared in the first place. “Yawn, so boring.” Yeah okay, jackass. Get out of here.


This strut should let you know how well the evening went. Also, see in the back how her skin tone changed? Yeah, she spontaneously turned into a vampire halfway through the night. I don’t even know.


Meanwhile, back at the house, Edith is tempting the gods. She and Daniel are both brave Sims, so they interact with the cow plant. A LOT.


Um, Daniel, you’re in your own house. You can stop strutting now. We don’t need Edith asking questions.


So the next night or whatever, Daniel goes out on a date with one of the Bird sisters…. Aaaand is promptly accused of cheating. You really need to be more discreet, Daniel.

From here, we have a bit of a real-life time jump. I was playing other games, working, you know it goes. I return…


To Annette plotting my death.


Just kidding! She’s melding into the horse. Typical.


So I’m an asshole and force my Sims to eat spoiled food. I’m not letting them waste it!


It goes without saying that vomiting is a regular occurrence in my games… Poor things.


So for whatever reason, Kristen spends a lot of time looking out windows. Maybe she misses Sunset Valley? I think she left behind a sibling, but I can’t remember.


Meanwhile, Annette builds a snow army outside of the hospital. Why? Fuck knows.





So it should be mentioned that we got another cat, named Puddy, who bred with Sebastian or something to produce this cat, Lisa.

It never ends.


Kristen, meanwhile, discovered her Asshole gene when we moved to the Plains, and spent a good portion of her time scaring the shit of the family.

I don’t blame Edith for her reaction there. Kristen DOES look pretty terrifying.

Around this time I noticed that Patches the cat was in complete red. I panicked and found she was unsocialized, needed to scratch some shit etc. I doubleclicked her…


And found her stuck in the foundation.


“This is bullshit.”

I agree, Patches. Thank goodness for ResetSim.


At this point, Daniel gets invited to a date. At the hospital.

It’s looking a bit winter wonderland between the snowmen and the deer, though.

I successfully have him invite her home…



Dammit, Chardonnay, fuck off!


Something about this clock just makes the cats meld into it.


I was hoping to get a shot of Annette making a nasty face… Then realized Annette was a slob and the only one to eat this food without being sick.


I just like how Kristen picked a BRIGHT RED tool. I can’t remember the name for it. Tragic.


Then it’s off to dumpster diving for her. Make sure the coast is clear…


Then give anyone watching from the hospital some quality entertainment. I had actually hoped she would turn towards the camera, but she apparently decided it unnecessary.


Edith, meanwhile, mopped puddles of water from a broken shower. Dear, it’s broken. It won’t end. Just give up.


Honestly, you can’t go ANYWHERE in this house without a pet stalking you.


And in many cases, the paparazzi. Daniel, why are you telling Edith about toilets? And paparazzi, why are you TAKING NOTES?


Even undeath cannot save Kristen from inventing mishaps. Lovely hair, dear. Suits you.


At long last, Edith’s birthday arrived! The two people to show up were… A horse and her Uncle. Figures.


Annette was busy working across town… And by working, I mean slacking off to make snow angels. Get into the house, Annette! Some ghosts need banishing!


But Edith grew up just fine, and very classy.


It was getting late for me at this point, to the point that I forgot why I had Annette getting on Cookie. So I just sent them randomly to the center. Ride free, Sims!

Unfortunately, things did not go as well as I wanted. See, I recently installed University Life, and two mods to help with story progression (basically aging/living of the neighborhood) in my game. And… My game crashed. While saving. Corrupting the save šŸ˜¦

So today, it was time to do it all over again, and we started with–



Seriously, this thing floated by a few nights in a row, not stopping, just drifting by like some poor neglected creature. Which it must have been, seeing as it’s a DEAD FOAL. WTF, Sims?

Patches got stuck in the foundation again, as well.



These horses are idiots.


So it snows obscenely in the winter. I say that as a Connecticut native. Sims neighborhoods have a climate like Florida and Maine mixed together, which is REALLY FUCKING WEIRD. So once winter comes, I pretty much kiss any chance of the kids going to school goodbye.

It means the family has nothing to do besides make snowmen and shit. And so then our lot looks like some creepy serial killer snowmen burial ground.


Lisa just wants to be FREEEEEEEEE.


For fuck’s sake, Kristen, if you’re going to brood, could you NOT do it in someone’s DRIVEWAY?

Broody Sims, man.


And then the foundation caught Cookie.

I’m not sure how a horse fits inside the foundation of a building, but at this point it’s best not to question it.



Even escaping our house doesn’t help Daniel get away from the animal creepers.

So for no good reason, I had Daniel streak.


This was the result.


“Come on, man, you can’t go around streaking like that!”

She actually did say something like that.


“Ugh, could you get out of my face, I’m in my thirties!”


“Um, are you okay? Do… Do you need a hug?”

Oh Daniel, your facial expressions are so random.


At one point the paparazzi ignored our front doors and barged in like they owned the place.

On the plus side, this one did the dishes.


On the down side, she then went upstairs to creep on Kristen. See that creepy icicle chandelier, paparazzi? We will use that on you.

Edith is playing with blocks purely because in the previous save she grew up with NO SKILLS. Like I said, she’s boring.


But yay, Birthday Part II! She doesn’t look as nice as she did in the first save, but the hair will do.


I zoomed out purely to show that only two cats watched. Patches and Puddy. Amused me to no end.

And where was Annette, you ask?


Getting the shit slapped out of her by a client!


Really, I could have canceled the action and spared Annette this, but I was giggling too hard. Way to be grateful for the ghost hunter, woman.

And on that very long note, until next time! Gen 4 has already started, while I’m slowly figuring out the mods, so tune in next time for more positional errors and snark.


TS3 Legacy: From Sunset to Horses

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