TS3 Legacy: A College Detour

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Welcome back to the fourth installment of my Sims 3 Legacy! The family itself is still roughly where it was before, because I’m trying not to play too much so I’m far behind, but it’s hopeless at this point. last time, Edith was preparing to go to college after wasting her time learning no skills whatsoever. So how did she do?

Well, here she is meeting Yuki (think that’s her name). Already discussing school. Edith didn’t even get any scholarships if I recall, LAME.

So no matter what your Sims are forced to go to the Student Union for a meet & greet, even if they are already MEETING someone at the dorm. I send Edith to practice a speech and make faces.

But anti-skill as she is, she found her way to fun and games. There was one slight problem/annoyance/hilarity…

Everyone finds her hot.

These pictures aren’t even in order, but it doesn’t matter because THROUGHOUT COLLEGE, there were heart farts.

Seriously. All of the ladies wanted some of Edith.

“Hmph. She’s not that great.”

You’re just jealous, dude.

Then THIS guy waltzed by and I thought “Oh man, blue hair and a sock hat? Yeah, we’re going after YOU.”

But in between heart-farting and going to class, Edith does need to do basic things like eat. And then I noticed the woman in the background.

She was way, WAY too excited about that table. “OMG. TABUL. I CAN SITZ.”

I can’t remember who entered the building but Edith decided she liked them, and made THIS face in front of the unimpressed hispterista.

“Are you going to order one of our overpriced teas or not?”

Okay so, I went to Cornell. Extremely competitive, you even compete to be an insomniac there. And I NEVER saw the entire college running to get places. Yeah, there’d always be one person frantically dodging through the crowds, but the whole damn university? Not so much.

In between photographing insanity, I remembered to photograph Edith doing college things. Like studying on the computer in the library.

I think she threw up in the library too. Those damn Nougat bars…

And then in the late evening outside of something, I send her to work on broadcasting.

She was not so good at it, but on the plus side, she made hilarious faces.

And then back to the cafe. My Sims are usually taking a full course load because I find Uni in TS3 to be boring compared to TS2, and I don’t want to have to enroll over and over. She is usually there to eat, maybe study… ANd apparently have her head sonicated while yet ANOTHER guy heartfarts her.

You know, normal college stuff.

Speaking of normal college stuff, one night the full moon came up, and it promptly caused Edith to completely and utterly derp.

Which is unfortunate, since a Hippie Zombie was generating right behind her.

“Grrrrawr, cruelty-free, gluten-free, fair-trade vegan BRAAAAAINS”

So the full moon made Edith a little loony. Okay, more than a little. She thinks she is streaking here. In her formal wear.

I didn’t have the heart to inform her otherwise.

But the next morning it’s time to go to the lecture hall and take notes, ask questions, sleep through…

Uh, nothing. The professor was late. They all just sat confused, pretending to listen to… Nothing.

And once the professor DID show up, this student promptly asked about partying. Sounds like college!

After that stressful lecture, I sent Edith to the pool because she had the Want for it or something. Ahh, relaxing sunlight, sparkling water…

Inappropriate photos…

And heartfarting. Again. I do believe this is the guy who was all “:|” earlier.

But it’s the end of the semester! Edith made it! She can skill once in a while!

Time to set shit on fire. Apparently it was too much for the blonde chick.

Dammit even her PROFESSOR heartfarts over her! Inappropriate!

But not NEARLY as inappropriate as setting your professor on fire. Look at blonde chick’s face. We know it was her.

But does anyone help her? No. The culprit chats with the me!Clone, everyone else ignores her burning to death.

I think I either got Edith over there, or she got lucky and didn’t die. Either way, rude of that guy to be all “Ugh, the burn victim STINKS.”

So I think Edith got invited to a party or something, but either way… SCORE. BLUE DUDE LIKES HER.

But before that (why yes, these pictures ARE all over the place), more of Edith trying to use the broadcast station.

She’s really not made for it. “What was I doi– OH YEAH!”

But enough of that. Here, Edith scores a kiss with blue guy. She scores more than just that, if you know what I mean.

But in the afterglow (and by that I mean sleep), THIS guy shows up.

And he’s angry.

“Excuse me, do you MIND? I just had a private moment and I would prefer not to have any PEEPERS, thank you.”

“Whoa, jeez, sor-REY madam smelly! I’ll just leave you alone.”


“Bring it, asshole. I’ve got a lack of hygiene to back me up.”

“So do you think you could spare a bit of change?”

Yes, this is free will. Yes, I was cracking up. She snarled at him, then mooched.

“Why yes, of course I have something to spare!”

“So here’s a dollar for the show, now GET THE FUCK OUT!”

Notice Yuki in the background? Yeah, it took me a little while to figure out what had actually happened here.

But we’re going to cut the scene again, to this hilarious moment. For a while I thought he would just keep on his computer while the werewolf destroyed the chair. He did eventually move and yell at her, but not before I could snap this.

So the semester passed by. Edith was too excited over the most basic of accomplishments…

Like zapping a tomato with a laser…

And stopping by the cafe favourite, where this FREAKED me the fuck out. The way it was moving and running… *shudders* And I’m a biomedical engineer.

So around THIS time my stupid brain caught up. Edith was over to get it on with blue guy, and then Yuki marched up, enraged.

They had been going out, and I had no idea when I had Edith snatch him.

I had to rectify this. Yuki was a best friend. So I had Edith ask him to be friends.

He was not happy.

That’s just too bad, dude. No wonder Leonard was trying to kill Edith. Freakin’ family breaker (?).

And then I had Edith console Yuki and give her a hug. Which would have been more touching if not for the bonfire in the window.

But the next day… Grades are in! Passing! And she didn’t even need to learn how to bathe!

And so we ended the semester with another bonfire, complete with Fried Professor, being laughed at by “I lyke tabul” girl.

Ahhhhh, university.

And that’s the university side trip! Next time, Gen 4 will come into full-force, complete with bugs, pets, and a stupid amount of ghosts. See you then 🙂


TS3 Legacy: A College Detour

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