TS3 Legacy: Of Ghosts & Madness

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Welcome back to my Sims 3 Legacy! We’re way behind now; gen 5 is going strong in the game. So let’s get moving. Last time Edith got home from college with an almost-degree to take the reigns of the legacy as the gen 4 heir.

Everything is normal at the house. Edith came home late at night and while driving through the city, Daniel taunts death. Um, Kristen, shouldn’t you–?

“Nope. He always does this, and I’m starving.”

Brave Sims drive me nuts since they ALWAYS go for the cow plant, and thus get all smelly. Better than Absent-Minded Sims, though; they go for it and don’t survive.

Our horses were also displaying fantastic parenting.

“Momma, I’m starving!”

“Later, kid, Momma needs to stuff her face.”

Oh god, Chardonnay! Your foal starved! You monster!

Just kidding. He was taking Cookie. And I got this badass photo during it. I mean um, no Cookie RIP.

But life goes on, and in this case it’s almost always the cats. Kristen, this happens constantly, go back to bed.

“No can do. Programming requires me to get out of bed and cheer.”

He’s a doofy thing. Whose name I cannot remember; Jezebel, maybe? Or Bubba? No clue. Too many cats.

This picture provided without comment.

Chardonnay tried to say hello to the new kitten, but that whole walls thing really got in the way.

So instead, she was there for Kristen’s birthday. Now technically, Kristen wasn’t aging for a while, which I guess is normal for resurrected ghosts. But I’m so used to CAS ghosts that I unlocked aging, so she could grow old and crotchety like the rest of us.

Don’t worry, though, she’s still Kristen. It’s a foal, Kristen, it’s okay.

So it’s time for another party, because I can’t remember, and– hey, Grim, you were not invited? Crashing my party, eh?!

“This gnome is in my way!”
“This gnome is in my way!”

Only Oriole in the back figured out how to grieve Sebastian. RIP son of Ferdinand.

Oh god, Kristen and this guest were killed!

(That guy Edith is meeting? Father of her first child. Boom!)

Grim rapidly disposes of the evidence.

Only joking. They’re cowards, so they passed out about two or three times over ghost Sebestian, Grim, and then ghost Kristen. Poor things nearly had a heart attack.

Okay, Edith, we need to talk. I know the cat just died, but look on the bright side, Grim took out the trash for us! You’ve been drinking heavily since high school, and now I see that you are COMPULSIVELY MAKING DRINKS, so maybe just step away from the bar, deep breaths, go chat with Father #1 or something.

“Ghosts, you say?!”

Oh hey there, Cookie. Immediately going for the garden as always.

“Mystery Woman who may be a Bird Sister, you aged gracefully, in a truly beautiful dress. However, I do not understand why you brought me on a date to the junkyard. Why not a play, or even a Uni protest?”

Meanwhile, Anita reached her final stage as a Giraffe Horse. I love this pet.

So the family took the loss of Sebestian REALLY hard. Here we see Annette drinking away her sorrows, with Daniel in the background…

While Kristen observes this hysterical poster. We lost it in a later move, which I think is a tragic shame. Grilled Cheese Cat!

But everyone was moving on the best they co–




“Bad horse, how dare you taunt me with your ways!”

Actually I think she threw her or something. Wouldn’t blame her. Annette is really going senile.

I get her back ON the horse and want her to head down to the horse training grounds for a meet & greet.

I discover that the meet & great is in fact a terrifying obsession with the little grill.

“Waaaaa Sebastian he’s dead he’s really dead and this cabinet looks seriously creepy!”

Well you did mourn in front of some counters against the wall. And see that maternity wear? First child on the way, yay!

Noooo, Annette, not you too! Don’t go towards the grill!

“Hey, anyone want some hot dogs?!”

“So Oriole, I know I broke you and your husband up, and then shattered your heart to a million pieces, but can I make it up to you with loads of cash from my cushy Medical career?”

And thus, Daniel moved out. I love him, but we really needed room in the household.

Annette calls him up for a chat and confirms all is well.

“Oh yes, things are very normal here, my dear brother–”

“I do hope you have some precious gems to send our way. Yes, I know we’re ridiculously rich–”

“But the cat caught on fire and insurance won’t cover it.”

Okay, so I FREAKED when this happened. I was staring with horror at Lisa UP IN FLAMES thinking I was about to lose a cat. Can pets even die in a fire?!

Edith, probably around 6-months pregnant, is the one who goes in for the rescue. Notice Lisa just stretching like it ain’t no big thing to be on fire.

“Oh god, Lisa… Lisa, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“Oh hey, Edith, nice to see you exercising, good for the baby.”

“Seriously, I’m pregnant and the fireplace is on fire! Won’t you DO something?!”

“No. We’re just going to stand here and watch. Creepily.”

Edith, dear, I understand that having to put out the cat while pregnant was stressful. But please go inside to read your pregnancy book. Really, that should be something covered: “Thou shalt not freeze thy fetus in thy womb.”

Oh ew, Edith is continuing the family tradition of eating food inches away from a fur-shedding animal.

“Now Anita, I can’t be around forever, so you must learn the ways of the horse to achieve true enlightenment.”

Now Edith, not everyone can be a vegetarian like you are. Don’t judge.

Especially since you’re doing THIS! EDITH! PUT THE DRINK DOWN! Have you not heard of FAS?! Freakin’ alcoholic!

Lisa survived the fire with no lasting damage, physical or otherwise.

Probably can’t say the same for Edith, but then she was never sane.

I rarely take simple pictures of my Sims, so here’s a lovely photo of our very pregnant, very stupid Edith rocking in front of the fireplace.

Chardonnay, meanwhile, prepares to devour Annette.

Wait what.

“Oh… Oh god. I felt it.”


Seriously, going into labour in front of a Grim Reaper snowman cannot be a good omen.

Across town, Kristen is flipping out over a horse. Honestly, she does that, she has the “:D” face for a horse and acts scared. They’re just horses, dear! It’s okay!

Look who I spot while Annette’s heading to the hospital! Hello Daniel! That looks cold for winter.

“Gotta show off.”

Too much information.

And here’s the baby! I usually don’t take baby shots, but I should pretend this is a real legacy. This crabby baby is Charles.

Stalker Paparazzi from Edith’s Childhood returned with a bone to pick with the family.

“How dare you not invite me into your home and soap opera! I did your dishes!”

“Excuse me, I just gave birth and you think you can come over and start DEMANDING things from me?”

“So tell me, how much money will you give me to not throw you to this cow plant right now?”

Edith looooooves to mooch. I never see us getting anything, but no one ever gets mad.

“Oh this is garbage! I did your dishes, invaded your house, and I just get threats!”

Well, you are a paparazzi.

This painting CREEPS ME OUT. Pretty sure it doesn’t look like that normally. Thanks, Sims 3 Supernatural.

The kitten grew up, and I am 90% sure this is Bubba. Lovely kitty.

Edith STILL has a drinking problem. At least she’s not pregnant anymore *sigh*

Oh my god, Edith, the stray returned! Pounce! GROOM FRIEND LOVE!

We did it, we adopted her! I finally adopted a stray! We–

Edith stop complaining about the chair, you’re almost stomping on the stray.

So we held a gift-giving party. I love these because you get shit for free. We don’t need shit for free, but they’re fun.

I need to tell you though that if someone makes THIS FACE when they open a gift? It’s not appropriate for the public eye. Just sayin’, EDITH.

Charles’ father was very excited about his gift, though it seems Annette was not.

“Can I get my gift yet.”

Damn, you got a bicycle that fits in a box! Score!

Okay, it’s hard to see what’s going on here, but see the lead? See how it’s INSANELY long? For a while Kristen was moving forward while Chardonnay was not, and the lead kept getting longer… And longer… And longer…

Made me laugh.

So Edith as you may recall is supposed to be a Single parent. This is tricky when you’re living with your parents. So to try and follow that rule, I do my best to cancel out the interactions. But Sims 3 parenting skills are fierce, so sometimes it’s just a matter of Edith beating them to it.

Annette, it’s her kid. Let it be.

I think this was the stray, sleeping outside. You have a home now, dear. Go inside.

Dammit! Kristen, put your grandson down!

“But he’s–”

No, down!

I just gave up in the end.

And this is where we will end — with a vanquished Grim Reaper snowman. He didn’t get our newborn after all!

And now we’re almost maybe caught up, since Charles at least is BORN now. Stay tuned next time to watch him grow up in the madness of my games.


TS3 Legacy: Of Ghosts & Madness

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