TS3: Glitches & Ghosts

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Welcome back, friends, to my Sims 3 Legacy! Last time, Edith gave birth to her second child, Gabriel, while Charles provided serious comedy relief and cemented his role as our heir. We return to their beautiful home…

To someone starving. Invisibly.

Remember that invisible guest from last time on the front porch? Yeeeeeah. That problem got worse VERY quickly.

But oh no, we couldn’t have just that. No, the quicksand lot was STILL devouring horses, forcing them to pee underground.

This invisible guest peed himself, complained of starvation, then passed out. WITHOUT EVER BEING SEEN.

I had NO clue who they were to hard reset them unless someone in the household, even a CAT, interacted with them. And that would take a while.

Bubba finally moved to approach another pee-and-starve victim, who was so hungry he was planning to eat the cat. Or maybe Anita was eating him. Hard to say.

The name seemed familiar, and I wasn’t sure a hard reset really got rid of him…

Or if it was a completely different guest drowning in the damn pool. He got out of there, finally. I don’t know WHY he tried in the first place.

But life must go on — or uh, death in this case. Fluffykins the 1000-Year-Old Stray has given birth and thus Grim comes to take her. My first ever adopted stray in TS3, fare thee well.

“Shit, Grim’s near the cat tree.”
“Fucking cats, will they SHUT UP!? Can’t write an IM in peace!”

My house is weird.

“Oh hey, Grim, what up?”
“Oh, your cat died, nothing major.”
“Perhaps, she is merely hiding on the couch.”
“Where’s Bubba?”

No seriously. She just waltzed on by.

Outside, our invisible guests were desperate for sleep. However, these things called “locked doors” were keeping them out.

Desperate, one of them still tries to cheer the other one up.

The next morning, our weird swimmer paparazzi talks to a guest about… The weather. Yeah, I’m sure he’s interested after passing out, starving, and peeing on himself.

Somehow these guys never died though. It seemed like they vanished home when they were about to die.

They couldn’t even use a parasol correctly.

Who were these guys, you ask? You’ll find out soon enough.

As for my actual Legacy, Charles had found a girlfriend in Zo Whelhoff. Aw, how cute and shy she is.

Gabriel, on the other hand, was a toddler learning the finer dining of bricks. And prematurely greyed thanks to those Racket genes.

Also the horse was giving birth underground.

Normal day.

Inside, Jezebel the Asshole Cat sparkled into adulthood. Handsome little terror.

And Anita actually gave birth ABOVEGROUND, to… Um…

I know it’s a colt. But for the life of me I do not remember his name. Too many damn pets.

And his first sight in life is the beautiful starry sky. Living, so pure and wonderfu–

Dammit, Grim, why don’t you just LIVE HERE?

“No, no! Not Lisa!”
“Ugh, how boring. I’ve seen better deaths.”

That’s Charles by the way. I guess all other times he wears a wig.

“Awww, who’s a cuddly wuddly kitty, huh?”

Seriously, my cats live a million years.

“Gosh, Lisa! I will never know how you taste!”

Charles, stop being a freak.

Outside, the colt exploded. The circle of life continu–


Now we have a traffic jam at the front door! Are you happy now?!

“Damn, these cats are HEFTY. What do you feed them, concrete?”
“Oh gosh, this many deaths in this many days?!”
“Psh, still boring.”

“Who wants a treat, huh, huh?!”
“Oh my gosh, Jubel too?!”

As you can see, Charles put his hair on to go outside.

The death of that many cats at once meant Edith’s inventory was PACKED with critters. We already had an Anole Lizard, so I had her release this one.


Oh stop being melodramatic.

The good news is, we could finally get another cat!

Bleu waltzed in like she owned the place. And of course she’s a bobtail. Nothing but bobtails and Persians exist in my game.

Life goes on the next morning. Like this teenager stealing Charles’s clothes and playing with the Cow Plant. Sometimes life is bizarre.

Jezebel’s assholery thankfully does not prevent him from getting along with Bleu, as they play by the riverside.

As evening comes, Edith brushes the stallion. She finds it easiest by trapping his butt in the Prius.

And then it’s time for a birthday party! Yay! Woo!


“Ooooof. My back.”
“Hmm, interesting.”

Edith, you did not age gracefully, poor dear.

But she recovers by the next morning and goes for an early run with the stallion. They look heroic, prancing around Twinbrook’s fancy district.

Gabriel meanwhile grew up with little fanfare and a worried expression on his face.

I probably sent him to the blocks, and in the meantime… DA-DAAAAAAAH!

I actually can’t stand the Imaginary Friends. They interrupt your Sim constantly and they can never SKILL like Sim children SHOULD spend their time doing. Having fun?! PSH.

Meanwhile, downstairs… Charles, shall we tell the audience what that is?

“I feel a new power in my veins.”

Indeed, my dear.

Holy shit, Gabriel, I should stop neglecting you! You caught a HORSE!

And then it snowed overnight or some shit. Go outside and make a snowman. Oh, you wanna iceskate instead? Fine.

Here you go. Hang out with the town while I check in on your brother.

Charles, go stomping around in the snow.

“But why?”

Fuck if I remember. Hey, Gabriel is spinning with someone.

I came back to this.

Woman, what are you doing to my child?!

“Oh… No, it’s fine, my shoulders… TOTALLY move like that.”

Great, we’ve got some voodoo shit happening to Gabriel. Maybe it’s time to go home. HEY CHARLES.

Um, Charles?

You realize you’re derping near an iceskating disco zombie, yes?



Oh my, you’re silly even as a werewolf ❤

As the new Werewolf of Twinbrook stomps around the hills.

He’d look more dramatic without that argyle sweater, but this IS Charles.

So, I LOVE the Supernaturals, and we were seriously missing them from this family. So: werewolf Charles!

Charles, there’s food in the fridge, get away from the damn horse.

Soooo we have a bit of a ghost problem. The graveyard is huge, I don’t like moving things to the cemetery, and thus I got utter madness as my reward:

Yes, every single one of those was on the lot at once.

Yes, every picture shows a unique ghost.

No, my game did not crash. Actually it didn’t even lag.

Yes, my computer is a badass.

Good thing I love the “A ghost appeared!” music because I heard it a LOT.

*ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum — buh-da-buh-da ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum — buh-da (dwee-dwee) buh-da (dwee-dwee) buh-da (dwee-dwee) ba-dum (dweee, dweee, dweee, dwee!) DUM*

So there’s clearly not enough happening on this lot, so Gabriel, to the chemistry station! BREW, my child, BREW!

So it’s party time, and thus I spotted THIS.



And whose birthday is it?

“Shit, what is WITH this family, why am I here?!”

Charles! I about die laughing every time I see Edith’s and that other woman’s faces. Cracked me up in-game, cracks me up now.

“Huh, what’d I miss?”
“Okay this chick is seriously losing it.”

“Ugh, this is the most BORING party.”

She says while Edith blows a horn into her head.

“Hell yeah, this jacket is SO ME.”

Hey, Gabriel, you okay over there?

Oh jeez, stop having a Racket moment. You’ll get a party too!

“Sure I will.”

“Greetings, mysterious horse. Do you too suffer in this madhouse?”
“Hello, cat beast. I do indeed. Let us commiserate.”

“If you could tear yourself away from stupid photos, you got our genders mixed up, and I just gave birth.”

Eeeee, blue points!

With the one black leg.

Why are all of my pets bonkers-looking?

So then I brought Charles to China or whatever.

“Wow! So pretty, much impressive!”

God I love this Sim.

Apparently not enough to take more pictures of his vacation, though, since we suddenly switch to him repairing the dishwasher in a onesie while the cat sniffs his butt and Gabriel’s imaginary friend mops up.

“I am starting to understand rants about Legacy families.”

“Yawwwwwn, it ate someone? Sooooo boring! Loser!”

Such compassion.

“Oh, hey, Grim. So I died, huh?”
“Getting devoured by a massive carnivorous plant tends to do that to a person.”

“Well good to meet you on this day, surrounded by strangers on a weird lot where a tree is totally spazzing.”
“Welcome to the Heath grave collection, mate.”

“All right whatever-your-name-is, I’ve slaved since childhood and feel like vomiting, so let’s make the master happy, ja?”

“Whooooooooa, dude, this trip is amaaaaaaaazing!”

“All right, check THIS off of my to-do list.”

And that’s how I stupidly maxed the number of people and sims on my lot. Because I just HAD to turn Peaches — THINK that’s what his name was — real.

“Ahhh, cow plant, I’m of Racket blood. I think we can form a beautiful working relationship.”

“Hmmm, that reminds me, the lizard needs food.”


Um, Edith, you realize that was your son.

Oh, nevermind. Just gave it severe indigestion.

Really, Edith, all that effort to rock yourself at the hearth?

So let’s review the family, shall we? We just saw Edith, the matriarch and gen 4 heir, rocking and looking senile.

Here we have Peaches, Imaginary Friend of Gabriel, the 5th gen spare. He’s having a cup of coffee with Mystery Cow Plant Victim #3.

In the living room, one of the lights is awkwardly floating around…

Thanks to Annette, the 3rd gen heir, who apparently finds haunting hard work.

One of our invisible guests is begging for sleep on the patio…

While Anita, gen 3 or so horse heir, splashes around in her water.

Her grown kid, Stallion What’s-His-Name, is a Chardonnay clone with a white mane. He’s waiting for me to stop filling up the household so he can finally have a mare.

I prefer to have mares born. You breed them to a stallion at the equestrian center and BOOM, new horse.

The next morning or whatever, we see Charles, our current heir, stomping in to eat some pancakes with Edith. Charles brings us to 5th generation — halfway there! As the fifth generation heir, his rolls are Mixed Couple (used the Joker since I originally got Single and HAHA no), 4 Children, Law (Forensics)/Fortune Teller (Psychic), Social Bunny, Luxury. Nice change of pace there, especially with those four damn kids.

“Oh dear, Mr. Plant, I don’t know if we are suited to marry.”
“Marrrrryyyyy me, I already have the caaaaaaaake.”

Edith, stop being coy with the Cow Plant and do something constructive.

“Oh, poorly-rendered mirror, am I still beautiful? I fear being a werewolf has truly dented my features.”

You’re a ham as always dear, now chop chop, skilling time!

Remember how Edith is Disciplined? Didn’t think so.

So while Edith worked hard, Gabriel was out at my supernatural park because he wanted to get his fortune or tour the Vault or something stupid.

Instead he was making snow angels and hanging out with the wackier folks of Twinbrook.

But what really got me was this werewolf constantly pulling out flowers for his wife. It was super cute and that FACE.

I love the Sim werewolves.

I sent Charles to chopping boards, but he was having some trouble.

“Oh god, Mom, Mom, my arm is stuck in the wall!”

“Love to help you, dear, but I’m busy on our leopard print weights.”

Seriously, I don’t remember buying that. Did it come with the house?!

“HRRRRRGH, cruelty to Elders!”

Okay, I took this because I like her shirt.

Shit, someone call Gabriel. The Jesus Horse is at it again.

“I’d love to help, but I have a date.”

And you’re wearing bright blue with bright red and a silly hat. Oh Charles.

So at this point I was really struggling to get Edith to race enough to achieve her lifetime wish. Then I realized duh, she’s an Elder, she can RETIRE.

I very rarely have Sims react when I tell them to do things, but when I told her to retire? She got this huge smile on her face.

“Hello, yes, I’d like to retire. No more slaving away for me. Master said I am OUT!”

“Yaaaay I’m retired now everyone has to come over and cheer with me!”
“OMG, Bubba, SHINIES?!”

So outside, one of our invisible guests was being helpful instead of pissing herself or whatever.

But watching an invisible hoof picker at work? Hysterical and creepy. And Anita let it happen, because she’s a good horse.

And then she went for the Cow Plant.

“Hzwah no I hate death!”

“Sheesh, this lot again, wasn’t I just here?”

Anita meanwhile is blank with fear I guess.

“Come, invisible sim, it is your time!”
“Aww maaaaan, I knocked over the flamingo!”

So I thought during all of this, maybe her ghost would appear and I’d FINALLY know who she is.

No such luck.

She even shook Grim’s hand while completely invisible, but at least at this point her grave had appeared.

Waverly Chan.

That name was FAR too familiar, so I looked her up…

She’s my Sims Uni clone. I have damn INVISIBLE UNI STUDENTS getting stuck on my lot.

Dammit, Grim, why is my game so weird?!

“Sheesh, this rain is seriously messing up my robes.”

“Excuse me, are you done STARING at me yet?”

Nope. You always do silly things on my lots.

“Oh god not Death, spare me!”

Actually he just groomed her.

“*typing* ‘i swear i nevr get a br8k here. Always some1 dying.'”

“*typing* omg now kristen passed out.'”

“Kristen, you’ve lived in my domain now for decades! You’re still terrified of me?!”

And this is where I leave you guys — with two more victims added to our backyard. We’re the next Olive Specter.

And that’s that. Next time: will I get the Uni students to go home? How many more cats will die? Will Charles finally get started on those four kids? And will I finally admit to my ghost addiction?

Chance of finding an answer: 33%! But it’s 0% if you don’t tune in next time.


TS3: Glitches & Ghosts

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