TS3 Legacy: Cow Plant Rampage

Welcome back to my TS3 Legacy! This is my first post with it using just WordPress and not copying from DreamWidth, so please bare with me. Last time, 4th-gen. heir Edith had passed away, leaving the legacy to Charles, whose goals are Mixed Couple, 4 Children, Law (Forensics)/Fortune Teller (Psychic), Social Bunny, Luxury.

So last time I had attempted to send Gabriel to college… Er, I think, anyway. I guess it didn’t work or the game crashed or something, because we’re starting off here with…

Everyone running over to the city hall for Gabriel’s graduation. Okay then!

“Ugh, I am STARVING.”

Oh shush, Zo, you can last for a few minutes to watch Gabriel get a diploma. It’s the least we could do.

You know, Gabriel, you can look a bit more excited about graduating.

“I’m half-Racket. I don’t know how to be excited.”

So time for our traditional “Here are our five billion pets” series. This is Nova. I would tell you what generation he is, but it appears I lost the paper I wrote this all down on. Grr!

This is Nova’s father, Bleu.

This is NOva’s mother, Jezebel the Asshole Cat. Okay, just Jezebel, but she deserves that title.

I’m really missing my sheet on who-is-who, now. The dark brown horse doesn’t matter — she was a captain asshole, worse than Jezebel, so she was given back. The blue horse is… Cobalt, maybe? Some C name, I think.

So Gabriel graduates with honours or whatever, and celebrates by eating the tiniest watermelon in the world.

“Man, that was a great mini watermelon. We are awesome gardeners.”

Note Charles and Zo, obviously excited by the day’s events.

“Please, lady, can’t we be friends? I want a foal in the next century.”

So anyway, here is Charles! He’s got a weird-shaped nose, but I love him anyway. That is his natural hair colour, though the roots makes it look dyed. My hair IRL is similarly odd, I think; hairdressers sometimes think I dyed it. So we’ll roll with it.

So Zo’s LTW is to be an Equestrian or whatever, which is great since Edith just died and someone needs to continue the horse line. Added bonus is that she is unfazed by Chardonnay the Ghost Horse (or I think that’s Chardonnay).

But then Cobalt flipped out and ran… And when I saw what Chardonnay was doing to the stall, I couldn’t blame him. I’d freak out too.

The gnomes, on the other hand, wanted to watch TV. Shouldn’t that woman be IN FRONT OF the fire? I’m just saying.

“Hey, what’s on TV?”
“Oh nothing much, just reporters dying.”

So the next day, it’s time to work on Zo’s Riding skill. It’s a beautiful day for it…

Er, or not.

Er, Zo? Weren’t you just…?

*sigh* Well, all right then. Let’s try that again.

“Huh? How does this work?”

Zo, you got on the horse successfully the first time (I think). You can do it again.

“You know, I’m not so sure about this. That horse looks a bit murderous.”

Because she is. Don’t worry about it. Just get out on the town.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, the same ol’ death-defying stunts. Gabriel, surely you have something constructive to do?

Like Zo, who managed to get out of the yard! She looks unsure about this whole thing, despite Cobalt going slowly like a good horse.

“There’s a diner around here somewhere, I know there is…”

Then it started to storm…

Zo doesn’t look too happy despite that thought bubble. Cobalt meanwhile is starving but does he throw her off…

Nope. Lightning strikes and he PANICS instead.

Gabriel, meanwhile, was having a bad day. Sorry, dude. I’ll have Charles repair that.

But not as bad as Zo.

“Augh, can’t someone stop this horse?! He’s running in a panic throughout the whole town!”
“Must… Find… Fresh… Laundry!”

Seriously. Zo had maybe one point of Riding Skill, and since Cobalt panicked in-between lots, that apparently meant running around in a panic around the WHOLE TOWN.

“Ugh… I don’t feel so good…”
“Please, forgive me!”

I could not figure out how to get him to stop running around in a panic. Zo, meanwhile, somehow stayed on the horse, despite feeling “Unknown Causes” queasy.

With nothing else to try, I clicked on the “Panic” action in Cobalt’s queue, and by some miracle it stopped him running around.

“See, Cobalt? Everything is okay. There’s no death.”

So I try to send them home…

When Zo begins to dismount. Look at those heels! How was she riding in those?!

And here is the only reason she dismounted: she is pregnant. At this point, I liked Zo. She had morning sickness, no Riding skill, and yet she stayed on Cobalt the entire time during the madness.

Cobalt passed out exhausted the minute he got home…

While Zo thinks about toilets. She may have thrown up upon coming home. I can’t remember.

What was Charles doing this whole time, you ask? Painting… In theory, at least.

I drag him away for some lovin’ with Zo, while Bleu dreams of butterflies…

“Charles, I have something to ask you…”

Hold up, they’re already engaged! Last episode! I guess my game did crash, or the engagement didn’t go through, or SOMETHING.

Charles looks floored. Maybe because he already proposed?

Or maybe to throw up. Not sure.

Not to worry, though, he recovered!

And thus they set to duo-reading about pregnancy. Awwwww.

I sent Zo to get rid of asshole horse, but it didn’t exactly go very well.


We were able to free her, but she lost her hair in the accident.

While she recovers from her ordeal, Charles prepares some food. Because it’s time for…

Bachelorette Party!

“Hi, incense!”

“Is it safe for a pregnant woman to disco-dance like that?”

As long as she’s enjoying herself.

Charles, meanwhile, is definitely Edith’s son, as he compulsively makes drinks for the party.

“Gosh, I love booze!”

“Oh man, that fireman is smoking.”

“I know what will impress him! Going into labour!”

“Heh heh heh. This will lighten up the party better than those dancers!”

“Oh god oh god who do we do?!”
“How should I know?! I’m an old man!”

“Oh, giving birth at her party! Nice.”


Gabriel, sweetie, be a dear and bring Zo to the hospital.

“Do I have to?”

Well, everyone else is kind of stuck in the bathroom, with the dancers. Awkward.

Well, we got Zo out of there and to the hospital. She came back with her and Charles’ first-born… Matthew, I think? Sorry, been a while.

But in all of the excitement, I missed something… And found the Cow Plant burping.

Oh dammit, we killed a fireman?!

“Oh please, sir, don’t let me die! Not in this embarrassing outfit!”
“Hey, you decided to be a party dancer.”

This guy kept throwing me off by looking too much like Daniel.

“Bad Cow Plant, eating a fireman!”
“Sorry, boss. Won’t happen again.”

“Good to hear. Get rid of other garbage.”

Excuse me, Zo, that is NOT Charles you are slow-dancing with!

“Psh, I doubt they’ll make it to the wedding with THAT going on.”

Gabriel, why the hell are you passed out in front of the City Hall?! Get up and get home, dear.

So Zo was much, much older than Charles. Luckily, the Cow Plant provided me with a way to fix this!

We also replaced Asshole Horse with this little lady. I don’t recall her name, but I know she was skittish. Which is a LOT better than aggressive.

Also the game gave us two maids. Both of them useless. This one brushed his teeth in the kitchen…

While the other flipped out over the TV, dropping trash in the process.


You could have just slept instead of doing this, Charles.

“So, do you like hawks?”
“No. Hawks are scary. Everything is scary.”

Meanwhile, I sent Charles down to the Consignment Store to sell some items, only to find him passed out on the couch instead. Dude, wake up! I didn’t send you here to take a nap!

“I like ants.”
“I like hamsters.”

My horses like merging with the Prius.

“So you see, Charles, I’m magical. I can put my hands through walls.”
“All right, you fit in. Let’s get married tomorrow.”

“You know, a ghost was haunting this earlier, I’m really not sure about getting in here…”

Oh, just do it.

What do werewolves dream of? Chipmunks.

I just like Zo’s pajamas.

Um, Gabriel, the party is long over.


Could you fix the bathtub, Gabriel.

“All right, we still have cats!”

“Hello, mother! I rolled the want to spar with you.”

“Wow, now I’ve really seen it all.”

“Hmm, isn’t this where I live?”

Yes, it is. You’re getting married today, so get over here!

In front of the graveyard, I set everything up… We’re reading for a dream wedd–

“Whose-a good werewolf, huh? Huh? Whose-a good werewolf?”
“Please… Stop… I’m tired!”

Dammit, who just got eaten?!

Well, whomever it was, they didn’t die. Could we get on with the wedding, please?

Apparently not. First, Matthew had to pop into toddlerhood.

“So, we should probably get out there and get married. Three more kids to go and all.”

So they all gathered outside… The guests were excited, even though they refused to sit down…

Ahem. I said EXCITED. But then my game flashed away from the wedding…

Oh god dammit.

Um, hello? Someone died? Anyone going to respond?

“This wedding is so BEAUTIFUL!”

“Hey, I think someone died!”

Well, at least the cat noticed. YET THE WEDDING GOES ON.

“COME NOW, IT IS YOUR TIME — No, not YOU, Cobalt.”

“Oh darling, I’m so happy we got married! I can’t shake the feeling that something bad just happened, but I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Oh gosh, not another one!”

“Oh god, the cow plant ate a wedding guest!”

Finally, one person notices. Though, where is she going?

Erm, shouldn’t you be reaping her… Or something?

“Oh this cake is beautiful, Charles!”

The wedding goes on, meanwhile. No seriously. I didn’t cancel anything. They just straight up didn’t notice.


Dear, there’s a CAKE in front of you.

Meanwhile– Um, Grim. You okay?


Ugh, please! I’m soaked!


Jezebel, leave her alone.


I think the cat is the least of your worries. I finally had to hardReset the ghost, and possibly Grim as well. Dude really failed on the job.

“Gosh, this cake is delicious! Say, we’re not missing anyone, are we?”

No joke. They never noticed.

Later that night, one of our former victims showed up.

“Ugh, Cobalt, your hooves are FILTHY. Let me help you out.”

And thus we have added to our set of ghost slaves! Thanks, Cow Plant!

And that’s also it for this episode, because I’m going to be late for work. I was laughing a lot throughout photographing this sequence. The wedding party did not care that someone had died — nope, all that mattered was the marriage and the cake. Sim values!

See you all next time.

TS3 Legacy: Cow Plant Rampage

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