TS3 Legacy: Madness Becomes Them

(This post is copied from here, and is the last one to be imported over. Woo!)

Hello and welcome back to my Sims 3 Legacy! Last time, uh, well mostly a ton of pets died and there were weird glitches. Not too exciting, really. And Charles grew up, bringing us into Gen 5.

So let’s hop right in, eh?

We start in the beautiful dining room, where heir Charles and spare Gabriel are enjoying some rotten food. And by enjoying I mean no.

“This is GARBAGE.”

I make them eat spoiled food so they don’t waste it. I’m an asshole.

Of course, a fun thing of Sims 3 is that you can have PARTIALLY made food and they can still make it. I can’t remember how long that batter sat in a bowl on the floor, and it’s probably better we don’t find out.

But onto less disturbing things, Nova poofed into a gorgeous adult cat. Remember back when the cat’s eyes wouldn’t even fit in its head?

Unfortunately, we still have some weirdness.

“Hahahaha! I can spy on this old woman in the bathroom!”

“And they can’t prosecute me. I’m INVISIBLE! How would they know it’s me?!”

Thanks, invisi-pervert.

“Seriously, there should be a law against this shit. With a HUGE fine.”

Meanwhile, Charles was playing with the Cow Plant. As you can see, Gabriel was very concerned about this situation, so concerned he waltzed on by into the house.

When perhaps Gabriel should have been at the festival…

“Hey, wait a minute! What’s going on?! I’m a Racket!”

“Oh gosh, this is totally ruining our date!”

Yeah, figures Charles and Zo would be the ones to witness Gabriel’s father’s death.

“No, please! I bathed in the blood of innocents! I stole Death Flowers! I can’t be dying!”

“You organized crime members are all the same. Once it’s the scythe in YOU you get all weepy. Come along, now.”

Meanwhile at the house, things were q–


Okay, so around this time I was really missing StoryProgression and WooHooer, so I decided to add the mods back in and see how my game did.

And incredibly, Edith being COMPLETELY FUCKING SENILE was not enough for me to remove the mods. But dear god, Edith, do we need to lock you up for your own good?!

That is correct, Bleu, Charles is not a ghost.

We could debate the point with Mr. Claws & Hair, though.

At the same damn party was an invisible paparazzi. My neighborhood isn’t slowly crashing and burning, nope…

Here, have a photo of Bleu being cute. I realized I suck at taking normal photos of the family, and tried to do so.

It’d help if this family was normal. Annette playing with the Cow Plant while Edith and Anita stare into the house…

The next morning, I was greeted by our new paparazzi, who looks like a mix between a jockey and freakin’ Waldo.

Run, Edith, run from the ice cream truck! RUUUUUUN!

I provide you this proof that Edith is working hard on her LTW. Freakin’ gnomes.

Great, now the EDGE of the lot is catching horses, this time wild ones. Who knew Twinbrook was built on quicksand.

“So Gabriel, does this problem ask about a computer mouse, or a mouse-mouse?”

“Dammit, I’m being stalked by the horse again, aren’t I?”

They like to do that, Gabriel.

Across town, Edith and Anita were working hard winning races. Still a long way from Edith’s LTW, unfortunately.

You know, gnome, I just don’t think jumping over graves will build the Jumping skill.

Meanwhile, Jezebel keeps watch… Daring, something, ANYTHING to piss her off.

Okay, this one isn’t even my fault. I’m not CONTROLLING Kristen anymore!

Shocking, Kristen, that those made you sick. Truly.

Though EDITH is taking the cake with sick here. EDITH! What are you doing?! You’re traumatizing the children! Pretty sure that’s illegal in every state! And why does the kid have a HAPPY thought bubble?!

That’s not a happy face. That’s a “I’ll need years of therapy” face.


You traumatized him so badly, he bundled up, Edith! WHAT THE HELL, WOMAN?!

My game, guys.

Then another paparazzi showed up. This one was wearing a beekeeper’s mask. I don’t even know anymore.

That night…




So throughout that night I kept hearing someone doing the “UM, HELLO, THERE’S SOMETHING IN MY WAY” cry, but the paparazzi constantly do that because they want to use your rocking chair or whatever.

Then I found this.

“Um, I’m imprisoned, HELP!”

I have no freakin’ clue how she got in there. Thank goodness for resetSim.

In the mean time, this was before I got a mod that lets me make University drinks using a normal coffee machine (because really, are those University coffee beans THAT SPECIAL?), so we have a random snack bar near the pool. When you’re just too damn lazy to go into the kitchen.

At this point, though, Sutter the Stallion REALLY needed a mate. So I sent Edith to get this horse, whose name I cannot recall because they did not stay long with us. Seriously, aggressive ass. But hey, Edith can train her or whatever.

Later that night…

“Hm, I feel funny.”


“Ahhh, yes, this.”

NO EDITH NO! Seriously, I FREAKED out at this. Edith was EXTREMELY young, yeah at the end of her life bar, but her parents lived to like 96 to 100!


“Come, Edith, it is your time!”

Note the family still having no freakin’ clue how to mourn. Charles looks like he’s just leaving the scene all together.

No, Edith, no, DON’T BEG DON’T BEG.

I hate when they beg. It makes me feel awful, like I failed them. EDITH 😦

“Um, hello, I can’t move because of someone who is quite literally not in this scene!”

Maybe I should have left a littttle more room in between the pool and patio… Naaaah.

So what did Grim want to do? Oh, just use the damn pool.

Nova, you cannot eat Grim, I’m pretty sure he’d poison you.

Shit, Charles, he’s coming for you!


Okay, so he just wanted to get out of the pool to run back to the diving board.

“Oh boy oh boy, I love these!”



Seriously, then a perfect turn swan dive?

“Man, this is fun. I wish every household had a big pool.”

Beekeeper Paparazzi, you are DEFINITELY pointing that camera in the wrong direction.

“Grim Reaper swimming in the pool? I better photograph the horses!”

So in between Grim being a fucking show off, I was freaking out trying to find Edith’s grave. I finally found it on the front porch. You know. Just in the complete opposite location she died in. Thanks, Sims.

The next morning…

“Oh god, Zo, you wouldn’t believe it. Mom died last night. Please, just let me hold you…”

See, see?! You got a birthday party! I told you!

“Yeah, well where is everyone?”

“Seriously, the maid?! That’s the party guest?! You liar!”

At least I got you a cake.

So I was going to move Gabriel out right away, but I don’t know, I had second thoughts about it. Though judging by that face, he REALLY wanted to.

By the way the cat in the Charles/Zo picture was apparently legit stuck. Whoops, sorry about that, Nova.

Aaaaand then another invisible guest died.

“Uh dur, Peaches is in my way!”

Peaches isn’t even there! Stop blaming him for everything!

“Uh dur, now Grim is in my way!”

“Fuck this, I’m stealing their computer.”

No, I don’t know who died. These photos are from October. *cough*

Edith! Back so soon?

“Well you missed me so much…”

Great, we caught another Wild Horse. For these guys I have to use moveObjects, because EA gives them names like ” Wild Horse” or “Wild Horse ” and other weird shit, making it near impossible to reset the right one.

But back to Gabriel, he was dating this cute girl, think her name was Cindy or whatever. I wanted them to cuddle and WooHoo in the hot tub.

But then Gabriel’s fucked up shoulders struck again. Seriously, Gabriel, is some voodoo priest fucking you up?!

“Excuse me, asshole horse, but I’d like to get by you.”

Reeeeallly should have left more space.

“I’m being stalked by a horse, aren’t I?”

Yep. Welcome to the family. Thanks for weeding the yard since you’re not actually in the active household.

We haven’t seen Charles much this time, but don’t worry, he’s doing fine. Destroying furniture in his uniform.

Meanwhile, Peaches grew up the day after Gabriel. No cake for him, just Gabriel being SUPER CREEPY in the background.

I then sent him to get a job at the science facility, at which point a meteor tried to murder him.

Yep, that’s not going to cause structural damage.

But we really need to get a move on Gen 5, so it’s time to make room in the household. Bye bye, Peaches!

And thus I sent Charles to his bethrothed… Zo Whelohff!

Charles whips out the ring while a werewolf, with his typical dorky ham face ❤

“Oh my god! Is that made from your teeth?!”

Around this time, I realized… Oh Zo… Your face EXPLODED. YOu were such an adorable child! What happened to your NOSE?!

“So, what’s your job, because that’s a good question for a date.”

And hooray, Gabriel graduated! ANd now, it’s time to test college! Basically, it kept crashing when I tried to bring people there, and Gabriel got to be the test subject.

Zo, dear, you should wait for Gabriel to be in FRONT of you to wave.


While Charles, of course, never changes.

And that’s that! Will Gabriel make it to college? Will Charles and Zo finally get married and make babies? Will my game stop being insane? Find out next time!


TS3 Legacy: Madness Becomes Them

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