TS3: New Beginnings

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Welcome back! Last time we were here, Edith had given birth to her first of two children, Charles. Edith is the fourth generation heir with the rolls of Single, 2 Children, Journalism, Property Mogul, Half-Siblings. So let’s jump right in.

It’s a relatively quiet evening for the Heaths. Kristina is busy at the science station…

While Edith teaches a super-cute Charles toddler the finer arts of cooking.

Annette was across town, having been invited to a party by Daniel.

And Daniel, much like Annette, became seriously senile. Really, Daniel? I let you be free and you eat your dinner on the TOILET?

Wait, what’s that sound in the living–


Notice Daniel looking absolutely crushed.

“Hey, Grim, fancy seeing you here.”
“Hey there Annette, you’re going to keep your clothes on, right?”

I was RELIEVED she didn’t beg. I hate when Sims beg to not die. Makes me feel like I failed them. Note Lisa yowling while Daniel still looks crushed.

This meant I had to get someone invited inside to get Annette’s grave. You had to be difficult right up until the end, didn’t you?

Annette was the third generation heir, with the rolls couple, one child, ghost hunter/dumpster diver, perfect careers. Bugs and general mess prevented us from getting that last one, but we did the rest. Fare thee well, Annette.

So someone invited Edith out on a date, which I accepted because hey hey second sperm donor!

She brought Charles along.

And Charles is eying his throat.


The neighborhood was slowly exploding, though. For instance, what is wrong here? Oh, just Edith and Chardonnay floating in the middle of the street.

They spun in a circle as they slowly reached the ground. Seriously.

There was no hope, I realized. I hate moving towns, but it was time for the family to pack their bags and graves, and head off to–


We got one of the biggest houses, and it gave me one of those “This is an old burial ground!” challenges. To which I went um YES PLEASE.

This is one of the ghosts, being confused in the beautiful kitchen for no clear reason.

Here’s another one of them in the dining room, with Kristina likely about to pass out from him. Can I say I LOVE that ghost type. It’s green and has goofy icons floating off of it.

And Edith is talking to the third ghost in the large living room. I love this house, by the way. It’s beautiful architecture and extremely roomy, which is perfect for a legacy family.

Space outside is a bit tight, but I think it’s my fault for adding the pool and such.

I also discovered that this house was built on quicksand disguised as grass.

You have no idea how many times this happened. I forced myself to stop taking pictures. This house is brutal on horses.

Oh sure, Anita, pee inside the foundation.

So Charles got to have his birthday in the brand-new house, and–


Oh my god.

You are a massive ham.

“Eek, my grandson!”
“Ew, my ghost grandmother!”

So at this point I realized this wasn’t fair for Kristina. Annette died in the old neighborhood, leaving no one really knowing who she was. Kristina was already dead and an elder, and it seemed unfair to wait for her to die again. Also we needed room.

So I was TRYING to take a cool photo of Kristina returning to her grave, but it didn’t come out right so I went to retake it…

And got this instead.

Sorry, Kristina. You deserved better.

Okay, look, I don’t want to be rude, but if your babysitter makes THAT FACE, don’t hire him. Seriously, Edith.

Chardonnay, meanwhile, discovered she was a Jesus Horse.

Kristina! Back already, and you made dinner!

“No problem, permanently starving after all.”

I refused to have another Edith, and thus sent Charles to skill. Or maybe he did independently. I can’t remember.

Look at the beautiful view! This is way better than Appaloosa Plains. The horses can even graze on the lawn!

In theory, anyway.

No! Chardonnay!

Um, Anita, I think it’s considered rude to show your butt to the dead. Even as a horse.

“Uh dur, I can’t move.”

And thus began the dance of the horse. Notice Fluffkin near Chardonnay.

“Man, I really need to work out.”

You know, Anita, this would likely be easier if you would MOVE.

Perhaps it was all part of her plan, though. By the time Chardonnay got around, Edith was home and able to run out.


“Oh my god, no, CHAR!”

Note how her plumbob went from rich green to yellow. These are Edith’s horses since she’s wants to be a top Equestrian.

RIP Chardonnay.

That night, it was a full moon, and I have to give a shout out to this zombie.

She was wearing stiletto boots, a super short skirt, and still staggering around in the snow. And she tried to attack a ghost.

That’s dedication.

Meanwhile, the next morning…

“Chardonnay is DEAD!”

That’s nice, Bubba, it means room for kittens! Which Fluffkin is pregnant with, despite being 1000 years old!

It also means room for another baby, and Edith still needs to get her second one.

So I send her to the park to go man-hunting.


A Racket, Edith? Really?

“He’s hot.”

What the hell is his son telling Zo about?

“So the best way to kill someone with an umbrella is…”

“My horse died recently, and I am devastated… Please just hold me–”

“Um, can you guys move so I can do my homework.”

Charming child.

The quicksand lawn is still going strong.

You don’t know how many times this happened and I just resetSim without taking a photo.

Lisa (I think?) goes hunting among the gravestones.

Okay, I admit, I just thought this was a cool photo.

It was around this time I realized Zo had serious issues.

Shouldn’t we try to help her, Kristina?

“And miss out on free entertainment? Nah.”

These gnomes drive me fucking NUTS. They teleport in front of the stereos and turn it on. And 90% of the time, they turn on rap. At full volume. ARGH.

“If you could turn your attention from our gnome infestation, I just gave birth and am about to pee all over him.”

Yay Fluffkin!

“Hm, this house seems okay.”

You were just born, Jezebel. Brat.




Charles, what are you wearing? And WHY?

“It’s a good day for a suit.”

This kid…

“Oh Bill, I never thought I could meet someone as great as you.”

“Oh dear, please excuse me, I’m having a derp.”

“Oh gee, I’m pregnant, how did that happen.”
“Night is a good time for a heist, I agree. Be sure to leave no witnesses.”

Charles, sweetie, there HAVE to better places to play with Bobo than in front of a toilet.

Even if the cats and gnomes have you trapped.

So this guy is a paparazzi. I suspect he doesn’t get many good stories.

Because he was doing this.

All night long.

Aww, thanks, ghost! Having this many cats means we spend a fortune in cat food.

“Any time.”

No we will not hold a birthday party for you, swimmer paparazzi.

Edith spends her time in the garden, along with Anita, who apparently is continuing Cookie’s tradition of eating the whole damn thing.

Seriously, you stupid gnomes, FUCK OFF. Listen to rap somewhere else! They’ll turn on the TV, too.

Around this time, I saw the first of our invisible guests. This one just wanted to go home.

“Oh… Oh dear. Charles, I think my water…”

“Dammit WHAT DO I DO?”



“Shit I’m hungry. Time to eat my muffin.”

Dammit, Charles, your mother is STILL GIVING BIRTH, you know!

“Hey, I’m back, and guess what?! It’s my birthday!”

Really, Charles, really?! Your mother is having the longest birth ever, and you have to steal the spotlight?

“I… I feel overcome by the sparklies…”



“*gasp* Happy birthday!”

Oh my goodness.

So Gabriel was born after the longest birth ever. And where is teenage Charles?

“Gosh, does my skin look okay? I couldn’t stand to get acne.”

And that was when Charles won me over and I knew he’d be heir. He is the biggest ham of a Sim I’ve ever had.

Jezebel, meanwhile, was the biggest assholee cat, but those gnomes deserve it so keep it up, kitty!

And we’ll end with this photo. You may think people in Twinbrook aren’t smart enough to fall for this… But you shall see.

And now Gen 5 has been born and we’re actually in the current house! Incredible! Stay tuned next time to watch Gen 5 take Twinbrook by storm.

TS3: New Beginnings

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