Silence Serenity: TS2 BACC Month I

Hello all! I’ve been stalling on putting this up, but I took so many pictures and tried to record it so carefully that I might as well. A chapter for my TS3 legacy should be up soon as well, but first I figured I’d get this one started.

BACC stands for “Build a City Challenge”. It’s a pretty complicated challenge in which, through unlocking a series of restrictions, you build a city with 50K people. I’m afraid the original rules are lost to history (and by that I mean the Wayback Machine, but you can also find alternative rule sets linked here. I’m following the original rules because they’re enough for me as it is.

So, to start off, there are a few things. You have your founder family, and absolutely NO careers unlocked. You have to make money through other means. Careers are generally unlocked by either random events OR by building certain types of businesses. This challenge could be renamed “Open for Business Adventure” because that’s basically what it is. But it seemed fun to me based off of what Ephemeral Toast did, so I decided to try my own…

And whom better to start a city than myself. Here we are, sim!Me. Empty neighborhood, empty plot of land. Well, except for the floating fire hydrant in the background. From this, we will make a city. And what kind of city would a socially anxious, shy, weirdo want?

“None. I don’t like people.”

Don’t worry, sim!Me. By the time this is a city, you’ll be long dead.

“Oh. In that case, carry on.”

So the house is based off of my current apartment though I, as always, flipped half of it by accident. The door leading to the bedroom is near the front door, not the kitchen… D’oh. Oh well, good enough. And yes, I have wooden flooring in my bathroom IRL. It’s fake, but still strange.

Excellent, Thalia is already well-trained. She is based off of my RL cat, also named Thalia, who hates to wear a collar and is generally a neurotic mess. We get along well.

Oh boy, look! People who must have been living in the woods here for centuries have come out to greet you!

“Do I have to say hello?”

Yes, you may have only like 3 Outgoing but you’ll still get lonely.

Erm, sim!Me, I wanted you to greet them, not POSSESS them.

“Aren’t you the cutest wutest kitty!”

I get to live vicariously through the Sims — RL Thalia hates to be picked up and will tear me to shreds to try and escape. Also I can’t command everyone’s attention just by petting a cat.

And this is how my simself tries to make friends — or maybe to get extra food in a place where there is no civilization.

But in the BACC, fires are good! Once you get three of them, you unlock a position in Law Enforcement, plus smoke detectors and burglar alarms!

“Eh, it’s still good to eat.”

I would say I don’t do this IRL, but nah. I’ve eaten plenty of things that were questionably edible. I’m not sure how I’ve never had food poisoning.

Around this time, I realized I forgot to buy a litterbox. Which I did NOT do IRL; I had bowls, a toy, food, and a litterbox ready at least a week before I got Thalia.

So IRL I have a breakfast counter, but I was discovering issues to trying to make that in TS2. For instance, here, where we can’t get to half of the dishes because for whatever reason, sims can’t go in-between the stools.

In any case, it is time to make some money! Paint, sim!Me, paint!

Even in the middle of no where, FreeTime people will find you.

As will Mr. Hubble.

As night falls, Knowledge sim!Me wants to meet the wolves. I get bugged by that want; once they see a wolf, they always want to PLAY with it first, but you can’t play with it until you build up relationship, which may not happen in time before the wolf leaves! Argh!

Thalia chooses to play with the strays instead. Pet jobs are locked, so she doesn’t have much to do except laze around like a normal cat.

sim!Me, stomping on cockroaches is ineffective enough. You don’t need to shove your head through the wall, too.

sim!Me’s painting, meanwhile, was progressing very well. Ahem.

So, sick of moving the dishes all of the time so my Sim could get to them, I tried my best to rearrange the counters to kind of sort of not really resemble my apartment.

It should be noted that I do not IRL make food in my underwear near a window.

Nor do I talk to people on the phone wearing only underwear. Seriously, the hell, sim!Me? Where’s your three outgoing points?!

“Excuse me, I can’t get to the bed with the cat in the way!”

IRL my bedroom is barely enough to fit the bed, so it’s up against the wall in the Sims too. This was not a smart decision.

But at least my painting was finally improving!

So this was it — sim!Me’s final creativity point. I was pretty bored with the challenge so far considering we didn’t have enough money to buy a business lot yet, and it was a slight struggle to keep sim!Me happy. BUt then this…

Which will she finish first? The painting or her creativity points? The tension is thick enough to slice with a dull knife!

Yeah, she finished the painting first.

But not to worry, on the next one she maxed the skill!

She maxed her interest in arts as well. I don’t think I ever owned FreeTime before the TS2 compilation, and I must say the hobby wantspam drives me NUTS. It’s so hard for me to keep sims happy because apparently they are all Pleasure sims now who just have stupid 500-point wants. Ugh.

But in any case, the garden outside is FINALLY ready to be picked. I do some gardening IRL, but California’s drought really mucks up my ability to do so. I’m going to wait until I return to the east coast before really resuming it again.

Thalia, meanwhile, had given up being nice.

Maybe just let the wolf cross the street next time, Thalia.

Deep into the winter, the gardening continues, because yeah just watering plants more totally makes them resistant to cold.

“Excuse me, yes, I’d like to purchase the one business lot in the forest…”

So it would have been cheaper to make four single walls than four columns, but I just couldn’t handle that kind of look. So here we are at the Cable Grocery!

Unsurprisingly, the woodsmen flock to the grocery store. I kind of imagine that one of the first things a new town would need was a place to buy food, and I can’t imagine Sim townies are that good at gardening.

Of course, it’d help if sim!Me could control her ADD. Granted, Marisa was an ass who refused to buy anything so it’s not like it mattered much.

But then again, it was probably best to finish the snowman, since the penguin will talk to it even when it’s no where complete.


HOWEVER, the opening of this business lot meant that I had unlocked a new sim family! Oh goodie! And thus we will whip out of here and to…

Antony Baguet! Pronounce that last name like “Baguette” 😀

I’m not sure I saved his personality anywhere because I fail, but I remember he was also fairly shy, I don’t think he was especially nice, and otherwise pretty normal. I made him a Fortune Sim so he wasn’t a clone of me, but really I can’t imagine anyone very outgoing would move to the middle of no where.

Gads, but it took me FOREVER to build his house. I had an idea for what to do, which involved…

A skilling basement! But I forgot how to make basements in TS2, and it’s more manually than in TS3, and I searched the internet and grumbled a lot and finally just made it the hard way… Sigh.

And who would be in the welcome wagon but the only other household Sim around!

“Arrr, matey!”

Also around were these two townies. Danielle and Jacob. And though this was a fresh neighborhood, for whatever reason…

They did not like each other.

sim!Me, for whatever reason, joined the pranking fun despite her 3 outgoing points.

“Hey, I like you, girl. You pranked my enemy.”

Excuse me, Jacob, step away from my simself.

I sent Antony to make some food on the wrap-around deck…

… Which does not help distract these two from their feud.

Seriously, are these two in rival gangs or what?

“Waaaaah he HIT me!”
“Oh I’m going to do so much more than THAT, BITCH.”

Note sim!Me, enjoying the show and the burnt hot dogs.

But once this happened, it was a bit too much for sim!Me AND Antony.

sim!Me and Andrew both fled the room, so I had Antony appreciate sim!Me to distract them.

“Ha, serves YOU right for pranking me!”

All right, now, everyone go home.

For reason I cannot explain, I imagine Antony as a ceramicist (huh, that’s a word), and so off he went with the pottery.

He was already making beautiful masterpieces when…

… The Matchmaker says he’s been chosen and drops this off! The hell?

“Aaaaaaah, it feels good to stretch after being stuck in that bottle!”

So I had Andrew wish for money because duh, he’s a Fortune Sim, and um…



$3K or whatever.

At this point, I felt like the biggest cheater in the world. Not that it stopped me from using it.

Which, of course, triggered this. But burglaries are good too! Remember, get three and you get a free police officer! What a deal!

I can’t remember what he stole. Probably some artwork.

And the bloody car. Thanks, dude.

“Hey buddy, how about next time you eat the burglar, eh?”

I’ve never had a werewolf sim in TS2, and dammit I want one!

But in the mean time, it’s time to start up a second business! With Marisa the asshole pretending she’ll buy the plate.

Then this guy showed up asking for cheap stuff, which is easy since duh, all of our stuff is cheap right now.

Turns out he was the report, and we got #1 despite having minimal walls, barely a roof, no doors, and shit products.

WE’RE #1!

“No, I can’t say I’m a fan of video games.”

sim!Me liked to call and talk to Antony. I considered getting them together, but I”m asexual IRL and decided to keep sim!Me that way too. So instead…

I had Antony call up Danielle. I did not tell him to creepily examine her boobs.

But she agreed he was hot and so it was time for…

Romantic Times with Stalkers!

Seriously, what the hell is with townies? In Candi and Toast’s legacies, they always appeared to stalk around, and they do in this neighborhood too.

In other news, my attempt to make a real building went poorly. Figures.

So I accidentally deleted the #1 award, but hey, at least now we have a shop front. And nothing else.

But at this point, enough time had passed, and it was time to return to the Cable household…

I didn’t take many photos of sim!Me’s family this week around, because not a lot really happened. There was the second burglary though!

He took the couch! Gr! I actually own that kind of couch IRL, and it is the best damn couch. I’m 6’1″, and it’s long enough for me, and comfy as hell. So I was very annoyed that he grabbed the sim version of it. Grrr!

sim!Me didn’t care as much. She just wanted to finish her novel…

… Which was a bestseller. Hopefully my life can imitate SIms in that regard someday.

Thalia was outside making poor decisions.

“Arrrrgh why?!”

“Can’t… Breathe… *Wheeze*”

Yeah, RL Thalia compulsively cleans herself just for flea treatment, so she’d definitely flip her shit at this.

So sim!Me spent that week gardening and writing, and occasionally posing happily thinking of food.

Antony, on the other hand, was having way more fun.

“Danielle, ever since I realized how perfectly your boobs fit between my hands, I realized you were the one for me. Will you leave your woodland gang for me?”

“OMIGOD you want me to leave in a real house with a real life?! YES!”

And one of the first things she does is to rush over to the fridge and check it out. Can’t blame her there.

Wedding party time! As you can see, we invited only the classiest townies that Danielle knew.

Danielle also dressed in the classiest way she knew.

“Red ring, are you kidding me?! I’m Fortune and still managed blue rings!”

Yep, Danielle is a Romance Sim, LTW chef but doesn’t matter because this is a BACC. I think only three nice points, sloppy, possibly active and playful?

I Guess the wedding party was uneventful, since we just go straight back into the day-to-day of these guys.

“Damn that burglar! I’d like to shove him into THIS!”

So as you can see, Antony got his gold pottery badge.

But then one day, while Antony was busy showering up…


“Damn, that was a great birth! I even got out of my shower!”

And thus Terry Baguet was born.

I give Danielle a better hair style and makeup than what EAxis gave her, and she approves. Nothing like fuller hair to sort those Bruty lips out.

So Danielle moved in with a job in the Cuisine track, and I thought at the time that they could keep the job even if it wasn’t opened yet. She came home early with a promotion…

… Headed back out a few moments later to go back to work…

… And then came home with a demotion.


So I send her to take care of the baby while Antony manages the business.

Curses, you again?! But aha, this is the third burglary, so guess what?!


That’s right, we’ve unlocked one position in law enforcement, the ability to call for emergencies, and smoke and burglar alarms!

Unlike Antony, Danielle lives for a good fight.

And would you look at that, she won! Go cop!

We were able to build out the business more thanks to Danielle moving in and her promotions. However, it also meant that these two whimpered and complained because they couldn’t get to puddles on the foundation to splash in them.

Danielle found ways to amuse herself while Antony was out and about.

Antony, meanwhile, rolled wants for masterpieces and such as a fortune Sim, and I did my best to satisfy him since jobless Fortune sims can be sad puppies.

Danielle, meanwhile, skilled for her career. Being a Romance sim, she picked inappropriate attire to do so in.

“So I know Terry’s diaper is full and I’d rather make hordes of money with the Genie, but what say we try for a spare.”

After that adventure, POP goes Terry into toddlerhood, and a blonde! Recessive genes in Danielle’s side? Do townies even have that?

Nothing like serenading your wife in the bathroom after she potty trained your kid.

I send Antony to be more useful, but ugh, this takes FOREVER compared to TS3! Why are toddlers such a nightmare in TS2? They barely need to sleep, their needs drop like mad, ugh.

“Um, dear, I can’t figure out how to get through you.”

Really, I’m not sure what was going on here.

Gah, but these photos jump around. Photobucket jostles the order. Anyway, here Antony teaches Terry to walk…

While a pregnant-and-miserable Danielle potty trains him.

“Ugh, let this thing oooout, before I DIE!”

And what do I get? Natural twins. Margaret and Julia.

Life is going to be hell with the twins, so time for Terry to grow the hell up.

“Hell yeah, I grew up AWESOME!”

Terry’s personality — only three nice, fairly active, and probably other things that I’ve forgotten. I fail.

This gave me the hint that he was very active…

… While his hoodie is perfect for his personality. I sent him to skilling away with drawing…

… And blocks.

Let’s not forget the traditional “be a sore loser about Rock-Paper-Scissors”!

Free Time stalker, does it really look like Danielle wants to hear about your kitchen?

“Bed, I sense you have been defiled. Don’t worry. I’ll make it better.”

“Excuse me, why are you bathing my baby sister in the sink?”

A question we all want the answer to, I’m sure.

“Look, mommy! I made a muffin to match the spaghetti!”

“That’s nice, trying to schmooze with this random dude here.”

And he left Julia on the floor! Where is that creep?

Seriously, dude, what did the flamingo ever do to you?”

Danielle and her low neat points like to stink up the place. but it’s about to get a whole lot more hectic, as it’s time to grow up the twins…

And POP goes Julia into toddlerhood with custom red hair! That looks pink and thus drives me nuts, gr.

Margaret follows shortly thereafter. Another blond! I guess Danielle dyes her hair? Who knows.

Terry rapidly begins taking after his father.

“Um, excuse me, could my kid get out of the way so I can sleep?”

And I will leave you with this charming photo. Next time: will sim!Me ever do something more interesting than write novels and fantasize about food? Will I manage to raise two toddlers without exploding? Will my sims ever have real shops? Find out next time!

Silence Serenity: TS2 BACC Month I

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