TS3 Legacy: Howl with the Dogs

Welcome back to my TS3 legacy! Last time, Charles and Zo Whelohff were married despite the Cow Plant murdering a few wedding guests. I’m antsy to play this family again but didn’t want to be too far behind, so let’s just get moving!

(This may seem a bit distracted as there are maintenance people trying to unclog my garbage disposal and flooding my kitchen in the process)

So, some background. For ages, my sims were unable to go to University. It would stall and crash the game. I looked it up on the interwebz and found out that this could be because the neighborhood was corrupted and followed some fancy instructions to fix it. I told Gabriel to go…

And it worked! Yay!

Well, yay for me. Gabriel looks unimpressed as usual.

I set Gabriel to have fun, and by that I mean “endless gardening”. He rolled the want and his inventory was full of stuff from the house, okay?

But as always, he was forced to go to the student union to mingle despite having no interest in mingling whatsoever.

Despite his preference for studying, though, he rapidly gained a stalker.

“Um, I want to use the skeleton dummy!”

Find your own, me!Clone!

Finally I force Gabriel to chat someone up, and we choose this lady, who you may remember got set on fire in the original neighborhood.

And then Gabriel rolled the want for a free soda from the vending machine.

He didn’t get it, but watching this was pretty great. And see, he DID want to garden!

So here’s Gabriel’s little college home. As you can see, the Whelohff family is indeed well-off, and fond of martial arts in the bedroom.


The random generator gave us this beauty of a carpet, if I Recall.

So, is anyone else’s Sim University a hotbed for gay romance? Because these two just spontaneously started making outside of one of the halls, which doesn’t exactly happen in real life (not even at a liberal university).

Not that there’s anything wrong with consensual loving of any kind, but EA isn’t usually THIS blatant with their programming.

So Gabriel’s college life was being fairly uneventful, so I sent him over to that weird science machine to have fun and make faces.

Oh sure, werewolf, complain you’re starving instead of helping.

Is this the Matrix? What is Gabriel even doing here?

I was super happy to catch this photo, but as we can see, it was not the Matrix but some other alien sci-fi movie. (I’m crap with movies).

And the end result was Gabriel gaining a mindmeld with all of the other nerds so they could text about how “toz awsum” that was.

The next morning…

Gabriel passes out in class. Well, I think he’s in class. The professor is kind of missing.

They did finally show up and– Gabriel, are you okay?

“My life is hell on earth.”

How about you do some dubious scientific experiments instead?

And then a lovely night with your crush…

… In many respects.

Apparently that night made Gabriel sick. Awkward.

Doesn’t help that it’s the night of the living dead.

So I’ve never used these peashooters before, mainly because they never worked for me before. Then I realized how apparently, the zombies have to line up and decide to attack the peashooter instead of your garden. Erm.

Granted, it can be effective. And entertaining.

Too bad Gabriel didn’t like it. You’re half-Racket, man, this should be nothing compared to your family!

The next day, we discover that apparently the night had changed Gabriel’s lady friend as well.

It has not, however, changed the fact that the professors are more delinquent than the damn students. Whom are you raising your hand to, Gabriel?

Despite the professors, Gabriel graduates and… Kisses his diploma? I didn’t kiss either of mine when I graduated, but then I didn’t have to deal with zombies and missing professors.

After all of that, Gabriel gets home successfully, and for whatever reason chose to sneak home.

It may have worked better if he didn’t get distracted by the Cow Plant. I’m surprised he didn’t try to befriend it sooner, really.

He came home in time for a duplicate foal. Grr, not what I wanted! I already have Sutter (also known as Cobalt from last time), Daisy! I don’t need another one. Time for a new foal.

Erm, guys, when I said I wanted a new foal, I didn’t mean a two-headed horse.

Back to this generation! Zo has discovered that she is pregnant once again, as we waste no time getting some babies out. Zo is a whole life stage ahead of Charles (he’s Young Adult, she’s Adult), so it’ll be a race to get the babies in time and see if I can find a youth elixir for her.

Sutter, meanwhile, tried to escape fatherhood in the bathroom. Not going to work, buddy, you don’t really fit.

Not that Zo was doing much better as a parent. Zo, isn’t there a better place to drop Maximilian (not Matthew as I called him last time) off than outside, in the snow, at night?

“Oh sure, she gets to chat on the phone while I have to clean up the toddler potty overflow!”

Charles, meanwhile, was at the festival interviewing people.

“Tell me, what is your best talent?”

He never got to find out, as the full moon interrupted everyone’s schedule. That poor zombie didn’t know what to do.

“They didn’t cover this on Coursera!”

Turns out his best talent was being a disco zombie. Shame we couldn’t report on that one!

But all fun days must end, and this one ended with labour.

And thus Winston was born. Winston shares his name with two giant dogs owned by two coworkers — one a Rhodesian Ridgeback, the other a Dane/Shepherd mix. Both of them are semi-idiots. Sorry, Winston.

But outside, yay! A different-looking foal!

Seriously, look at him! Different mane, and he doesn’t have those weird brown patches! Good work, Sutter and Daisy! This little guy is Gaucho.


Er, Gabriel?

“Nothing to see here. Just going to hang out with my other girlfriend.”

“Hey baby, you like what you see?”

“It’s more well-done than I was expecting…”

“Isn’t this romantic, Gabe? Making a snowman while some faerie rummages through trash in the background.”

“Yeah, uh. This is some swell date. Say, maybe I should have showered before–”


“Gosh, this is a great book, Gabe. You should read it.”

Okay, seriously, I was watching this like “Okay, you’re on a date with him. You love him. Sure you will thaw him… You’re just going to read? Lady! LADY YOUR DATE IS DYING.”

Thankfully, this random family friend walked over and thawed him out.

“Ma’am, do you know this man? He appears to be frozen…”

“That’s a movie, not a book, Gabriel! Gosh.”

Meanwhile, Charles and Zo had their third child, Emilia. I have no idea why I have no photos of Zo being pregnant or giving birth. But there you go.

Temporarily free of her baby duties, Zo goes for a ride with a now-old Sutter. We got those foals just in time!

Speaking of time…

And pop goes Max into childhood. He’s… I don’t know. He doesn’t look like a blend of his parents. He looks like a Charles clone.

“So, son, this house can’t take much more. What would you suggest?”


Instead, I had Gabriel move out with Jezebel the Asshole Cat. Bye, Gabriel! Don’t freeze to death!

The moving out of Gabriel allowed me to adopt a mate for Nova — Snowshoe, a gorgeous tabby who is of course tailless.

“Greetings, striped one. I see you have the mark of our kind.”

“Indeed, blue one. The mark of the chosen.”

Meanwhile, while Max prepared his diabolical potions…

Winston grew up with the kind of thoughtful face the Rhodesian Ridgeback likes to give. There you go, buddy, live up to your name!

“Mmmm, shrimp, mmmm…”

“No, not fire! Lisa! NOOOOOOOO!”

Kristina! How are you?

“Tired. Being a spirit is hard work.”

It could be worse. You could be Max’s mop.

“Bwahahaha! That’s right, clean the floor! YOU ARE MINE!”



“You can stop that now.”

But you’re so cute! Meet Elwood.

Zo, I’m not sure the baby is supposed to be ringing.

“Man, being a cat mama is so easy. Poof them into the world and then you’re DONE.”

“Hey. Hey. Hey Max. Hey. Can you feed us. Hey.”

Meanwhile, Gaucho grew up into a beautiful Stallion. Never mind he buried Sutter alive.

I sent Zo to a party at her father’s place — I’m really bad at keeping Sims in touch with others, and I guess I figured I’d give it a try. But he only wanted to talk about pottery.

Winston, could you not destroy the priceless Egyptian plant, thank you.

Our little mastermind is growing up!


See what I mean? He’s a Charles clone.

So for some reason my Sims never want to steal candy from a baby, because I guess even they have standards. Sometimes they roll the want, though. And sometimes I indulge them.

But enough about that. It’s time for Winston’s birthday!

Zo wowed everyone with her ability to pick up a guitar and walk with it. Stunning!

“Happy birthday, Winston!”

Um, Charles, why is the alarm going off.

“Man, I can’t BELIEVE it.”

Um, Charles! FIRE!

“Holy crap, an exploding birthday cake! This party is the BEST!”

Charles, what are you doing?!

“I said we should get a professional cake but noooooo, let’s get one from the grocer, it’s CHEAPER.”

“Now look what happened. A cake inferno!”


Finally, Charles opted to move Winston away from the flames. Never mind they had engulfed the whole COUNTER at that point.

So, I have NEVER had this happen in a game before, and I freaked out when it did. I thought it was another bug, not just another bit of wackiness from the Sims.

You’re a little late, you know. And in the wrong room.

“Smells like sulfur!”

“Dear, could you not set the house on fire next time?”

“You’re the one who wanted the cheap cake!”

And despite all of that, Winston grew up well with stunning green eyes to match his shirt.

Upstairs, Emilia grew up with less fanfare. And fewer flames.



Excuse me, Charles, why are you holding the newborn.

Excuse me, Zo, we only needed ONE more child, not TWO.

Meet Penelope and Sasha. They complete our requirement for four kids… Plus one.

Just in case you wanted to see Elwood in his full glory.

“Gwamma, are you sure you won’t dwop me?”

And so Edith settled in her favourite spot, but with a baby to keep her company. Awwwwww.

This just in: Twinbrook has weird-ass dogs.

This also just in: I skipped time and the babies are growing up. Here’s Sasha…

And here’s Penelope. They’re stern-looking kids.

But alas, they are not the only birthdays. I tried and tried to find a youth elixir for Zo, and couldn’t. It is now time for her to turn into an elder, when Charles is still barely an adult. 😦


Her nose exploded and her hair is stringy. Gah.

Emilia popped into childhood with beautiful eyes and some confusion.

“Huh, who am I?”

Meanwhile, outside…

“Hey there, Sutter. Nice evening.”

“Ugh, okay, I’m HERE. Let the reaping commence.”

Gah, no Grim, not through the Ford! We’ll have ectoplasm on it for WEEKS!

“Screw this house! This pillar has gotten on my last nerve!”

Okay, so he was actually trying to catch the fairy. And making fantastic faces.



“You know, I don’t mind garbage food as such. It gives character!”

Now there’s a bedtime story.

“And then if you put 5 in for x, you get 25!”

Meanwhile, outside, our maid is useless. He did live, though.

And man are we zooming through these guys’ childhoods. Here is Penelope, still serious…

And here’s Sasha, planning something.

“Max, are you sure this house is okay?”

“It better be! I’m ready to KILL for some candy!”

“Oh t-thank you, ma’am! You aren’t going to k-kill me?”

“No, sweetie, no. Just your brother.”

Even being in forensics cannot stop Charles from being stylish.

“Um, excuse me, Sasha is in my way!”

Um, no, she’s beside you. The way is clear in front of you. Come on, Zo.



“Man, they are SO ruining their clothes. Mom’ll be pissed.”

“Heh heh, see THIS, Penelope? Your big bro grew up SEXY.”

“Wow! You suddenly gained abs!”

But abs are not enough for this family, so I send Max out on his own.

Not sure why Nova became an Eldritch horror.

“Um, Gram, could you get out of my way, I kind of want to get to my diabolical lair and all.”

In addition to Maximilian, I have him take Snowshoe. Much as I love this guy, we really need room in the house…

For Gaucho’s mate, Fru Fru!

And that’s where I will leave off! Next time: Who will be heir? Will I continue to mix up names (nope, I found my sheet, HA!)? Will Fru Fru and Gaucho get along? Will the Cow Plant resume its murdering? Find out in our next episode!

TS3 Legacy: Howl with the Dogs

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