TS3 Legacy: The Giant Nose Invasion

Hello everyone!  Apologies for disappearing — I was playing classic games like Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon SoulSilver, Pokemon You-Gotta-Problem, and Oregon Trail II.  Also reading copious amounts of TV Tropes.  But I thought hey, I should post an update on Into the Sims, and so here I am (rock you like a hurricane).

For the record, the title was inspired by the terrible film, MST3K’d in all of its finest, The Giant Spider Invasion.  Hopefully, you will not find this post as bad as that movie!

Last time we were here, Gabriel had gone to university and then moved out so Charles and Zo could have a billion kids.  Okay, five.  Eldest Maximilian had already moved out, leaving Winston, Emilia, Sasha, and Penelope as the remaining brood.  The pet situation was out-of-control as usual.  So let’s get to it!

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TS3 Legacy: The Giant Nose Invasion