The Breeze Apocalypse Challenge

So I really like the idea of the Apocalypse Challenge, especially after reading Ephemeral Toast and Candi give it a go.  I tried to do it in Sims 4… And failed miserably several times, since I’m using a fresh CAS sim to go about it.

I got Get to Work, Get Together, and some stuff packs, and I’m sad that they won’t be doing what they did for TS2 and updating the challenge when new careers arrive.  What a waste, I think!  And so it got me thinking, and I’ve decided to update the Apocalypse Challenge above to fit Get to Work and Get Together.  All credit for the original challenge goes to Pinstar of course.

Feel free to use mine if you want.  Just link to this post.  Please note that I’m only going to list my updated rules and not any of the ones that stay the same.

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The Breeze Apocalypse Challenge