With All of the Little People…



Man, I hate WYSIWYG interfaces sometimes. Just let me write things on my own!

Ahem. Greetings and welcome to Into the Sims! I am Breeze/Breezey/Breezeykins/Breezeshadow/Starshadow/Brittany/”Excuse me sir, I mean, ma’am, oh my god I’m so sorry, could you help me reach this on the top shelf?”. You can call me Breeze or Brittany, whatever suits you! The two Sims up there are my simselves in TS2 and TS3 respectively. Apologies that TS3!me was tired and couldn’t be buggered to smile or do anything interesting but waltz off to bed. Also I’m not married IRL; just the only simself in TS2 I had available was the Strangetown one, as the BACC one is kind of sort of dead.

I’ve played Sims for a long time — when my father first bought TS1, I apparently thought it sounded stupid and refused to try it… Until I saw him playing it. In my very first Sim game, Bob Newbie got stuck in a corner, cried, peed himself, passed out, cried, and then starved to death. That about sums up how Sim games react to me.

Regardless, I am now a huge Sim fan — though I always buy games on sale because I’m a cheapskate. I still don’t have TS4; it didn’t grab me, and nothing is worth that kind of price tag (see again: cheapskate!).

I was originally posting my legacy on my DreamWidth blog, but I felt like it didn’t belong there, and DreamWidth and I have a stilted relationship anyway, for personal reasons. I toyed with the idea of making a separate blog for my Sims, and while I was tempted to go with Blogspot again (I have an abandoned cooking blog there), but decided for whatever reason to have 50 thousand blogs, and made this one for Sims.

I will try to have my simselves there up for download directly from here or whatever, but until then, I will give you their personalities, as it will be faster than telling you directly about me!

TS2: 5 Neat, 3 Outgoing, 5 Active, 6 Playful, 6 Nice

That’s probably too generous on the Nice category.

TS3: Unflirty, Neurotic, Shy, Artistic, Vegetarian

While that’s pretty much on the mark.

I play Sims very much for fun, but ever since a friend introduced me to the world of legacies and challenges, I’ve tried out a few. I’ll transfer my TS3 Legacy posts over to here, and also make an attempt to get my BACC on here as well. Or maybe this whole thing will just end up abandoned like Dinner Time. They need an ADD Trait.

I will try to return to posting my writing on my DW blog as well, so please go over there and read and comment on my work! I write semi-realistic fantasy, fueled by tea and an overactive, somewhat-disturbing imagination. You know you want to read now 😉

So please grab a cup of tea, a bite of chocolate, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

With All of the Little People…